Designer Challenge - Layout Template - Deadline March 28

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Designer Challenge - Layout Template - Deadline March 28

This week your mission is to make a layout template. I just made this tutorial about it here and I thought we might as well put it to use!

Also, please vote and leave some ideas for future challenges.

In this thread feel free to leave the following:

  • An image and link to your design.
  • Questions, tips and advice for completing the challenge.

Due Date: March 28, 2013 noon (UTC/GMT +3 hours)

See designer challenge rules here.

Gonna take a look at your tut.

I scrap on 8X11 layout. Would anyone have a use for that size template?

I can use them! smiley

Here is mine:

Download at my blog

@ Harriett: That's the size I scrap, so it would work for me smiley

@ Saskia: Love it! Way to start us off!

Thankyou Meridy!

Saskia, this is beautiful! Love the clustering effect...and "room" for white space! Great job!

Thank you!

Saskia ......Love the layers for the cluster, lots of possibilities to give depth and detail. Thank you for sharing.

@ Harriett Since I'm so new and have not do much yet I'm not sure what size I'll commit to. My guess is that I will probably not stick to one size.

@ Saskia I love that cluster. My hope is by using your template it will help me to learn how to build my own

Heck yeah! Not that many of us have 12x12 printers and most of do have 8x11 ones. Always a use for that size. xoxox Beth

Thank you all!


Go here for the 8x10.25 PSD template. Personal Use only please.

Great templates so far! Saskia, I love that bit of washi tape at the top. Harriett, I like all the circles. Thanks for sharing!

You girls are rocking this! Saskia, your template is awesome! Harriet, I love the circles and the cut out for the journaling is a great idea!

I may have to try this... hmmmmm.

OK... here is my template for the challenge.

You can download it by clicking here.


Wow these templates are great! Let me get my thinking cap on and perhaps I can create one. smiley

Gorgeous templates ladies!
Thank you very much for these!

Love these templates!

@Chickie absolutely love the hexagons and the layers!

I made my very first template! I used as basis a layout I made more than one year ago, and it was much easier than I thought. I followed Marisa´s tutorial to make it. Hope you all like the final result.

you can download my template on my dropbox.

I join this one! (I was too late with the alpha :p ) you can find my share on my fb fanpage.
hope you like it!
facebook fan page

Thanks for more great templates!

Thanks, Dana! I am especially excited about the banner.

So... as it turns out, with my software I can not make templets that folks can plug into their own software and use just by dropping in their own elements. Which is what I suspected but for $20 (which included a TON of content) I'm kind of ok with that. So I scoured the rules for "Designer Challenges" and it said that I only need to leave a photo of my work. So that's what I'm going to do. If, for whatever reason, I misinterpreted the rules, please let me know. I'd be happy to take it down. However, I wanted to create a layout without specific pictures in mind and I thought since I did I would add it here so you all can "scraplift" if you'd like. If I do get to play along with my inferior software, thanks for letting the odd one out play along. smiley

Dana, I just created a layout using your template. Thanks so much! I had a lot of fun with it. It's in the gallery here:

Awesome templates!!

Heather you did just great! The goals of these challenges are to encourage us to try new things, to do our best, and to enjoy what we are doing - And it sounds like you did just that! Way to go!

@Heather J - As Sunny said, your entry is not only valid, but great! Don´t worry if you don´t have the "top" programes, or so, the important is: You are learning new things, sharing what you´ve learned and encouraging other people to show their creative self. Thank you so much for playing with us smiley


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