For those of you in the path of Hurricane Sandy

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For those of you in the path of Hurricane Sandy

I just want to say to any of you that live in or near the area being effected by Hurricane Sandy, I hope and pray and wish for safety for you all. I have 2 nieces that live on the coast and I think of them all the time.

God Bless you all and I hope it passes through leaving you unscathed!

The other thing we're being told in SC (at least in northern SC) is there may be blizzards as a side effect of the storm. Snow has already begun to fall in parts of North Carolina, West Virginia, and Tennessee. It is going to be a crazy next few days for us all weather wise on the east coast. Most of the stores are already out of bread and milk... wonder what it is about those two staples that everyone needs? Sandwiches and cereal??? smiley

lol Shawna, my niece Debbie said she has everything she needs ... "bananas and wine" smiley

We've got high winds right now & some rain.... Unsure how long this is going to last, if we'll have a power outage or if we'll get any flooding, but we're prepared. Most of the schools decided they will be closed tomorrow, so we can sleep in. Now I'm just trying to convince my husband to stay home & not travel to work (it's a one hour drive one way). He can work from home, it's just that he tries not to.

Hope everyone is doing fine. We'll be thinking about you today!

Amen to that. Scary time to be an easterner! Hope it'll pass soon and everyone comes through alright.

I saw very sad pictures on the newspaper. Hope you all are safe...

I thank God I'm a "Little" further south than so much of the troubles. The worst we got here was our temperature dropped from 76 degrees (Sun) to 36 degrees (today) Only two hours north of us they got 7 inches of snow fast... and more got even worse further north and more east. I'm so glad we chose to stay more inland when we moved here to the east coast for this very reason, hurricanes. I grew up running from them at least twice every year living on the coast of Texas... and I didn't want to so this as an adult. smiley

I hope there aren't any lost lives and that most of the damage can be repaired quickly. Blessings & prayers for those going through the worst of it.

Thankfully we didn't get hit like we did with "Irene" last year - no flooding or major road damage this time, thank goodness. Although we did have some power outages in the southern part of my state (from trees falling) & flooding in central NH.

The storm didn't follow the path the forecasters had predicted - instead of doing a "C" & sweeping through VT/NH/ME and then back out to sea (which is pretty typical for coastal storms), it went inland & kept on going. Right now it seems to be in the Great Lakes area near Chicago, Illinois. I feel bad for the people out there. NY & NJ look real bad, too, with heavy flooding in the coastal areas and in the city. I couldn't believe the pictures I saw of the flooding of some subways & hospitals. I wonder how long it will take to pump them out?!

Definitely hope everyone is okay. I can't even imagine!!! Stay safe!!!

hope everybody is fine!!

So sad at how many people are no longer alive smiley
And the devastation that has happened is unbelievable smiley

How do you even prepare for something like that? No power for more than 2 weeks. The volunteers and people in the community supporting and giving aid are angels.