ABR Viewer to use PS brushes in PSP...

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ABR Viewer to use PS brushes in PSP...

I've looking through the topics here in this subforum, but couldn't find following tip.

At the internet you can find lots of PS brushes, with file extension ABR.

With the free tool abrViewer you can convert these brushes to .png files which you can easily use in PSP.

* Open the png file in PSP
* Export to custom brush
* Now you can use it with your brush.

Hope this tip is useful for you.

Thanks for posting this! I have an older version of the Tumasoft Preset Viewer but I haven't re-installed it on my newer computer. I'll have to check out the one you posted. smiley

I'm a complete beginner and was wondering "what all these brushes" were for... smiley so thank you for your post which has helped me in my discovery trip. Reading one of my handbooks I have found the following site for brushes, patterns, textures etc. which seems to have quite a lot of fun stuff http://www.brusheezy.com/! smiley

I am glad I could be of any help.

@Jasmine: Thanks for this great link!

Thank you for posting this. Big help.

I just used this and WOW!!! love it... thanks so much for the heads up and link!

You're welcome!

Saskia, how do you organize your brushes? I find the more you have the longer the load time. Does placing them into subfolders help with that?

I have them in subfolders as png files.
I only open an abr file when needed.

got it.. thanks! smiley

You're welcome!