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Link Drive: support Pixel Scrapper & get points!

So for the most part the whole transition from the old Pixel Scrapper site to this new one has been going pretty well... thanks to all of you who have been interacting on the site!

The only thing that hasn't gone so well has to do with Google: because of the restructuring of the site, some of the pages that used to exist don't exist any more, or are at a new location, and because of that, Google has lowered our search ranking. Which is normal during a site move or reconstruction. But it's been a while now, and Google still seems uncertain about our new site. As in, they've essentially removed Pixel Scrapper from search results.

Historically, about 90% of our traffic has originated from Google, but we are now receiving close to nothing from them. Here's a nice little graph of what's happened to our search impressions:

The lack of traffic from Google has actually been kind of nice during the last few weeks as we've started out the beta: you don't want tons of traffic when trying to fix bugs. But at the same time, we need that traffic to come back in the long run if this site's going to sustain itself (I also need to get our donation system up if that's going to happen!).

How you can help

So here's where you come in. We don't have our donation button up yet, but if you use and enjoy Pixel Scrapper, you can donate in another way: by linking from your website or blog to ours.

Links are a big part of how Google determines which sites are "okay", and that's what we need to be right now.

We hope that you'll do this mainly to support the site, but we also want to say thank you to anyone who helps restore our search rankings. Anyone who links to us will receive:

  • 30 community points for a permanent, front page link to (not a sub-page) OR
  • 20 community points for a permanent link on another main page (favorite sites, resources, etc) OR
  • 10 community points for a blog post that includes a link to Pixel Scrapper, or any link to a Pixel Scrapper sub-page.

Text links or button links are equally fine.

Please click here to grab our link code, or a button.
Afterwords, just post here, or use the contact form to let us know where your link is.

Please spread the word, and help us restore Google's faith smiley

Thank you!

P.S. A big thank you to everyone who has already linked to Pixel Scrapper!

Don't have a blog/website? You can still help!

Every little link, every bit of exposure helps. For example:

  • Sharing Pixel Scrapper links on Facebook.
  • Pinning Pixel Scrapper items to Pinterest.
  • Sharing links to Pixel Scrapper in other forums when particularly relevant (but of course don't spam)
  • Sharing Pixel Scrapper links on Twitter, or any other social media site.

And most of all, you can help by spreading Pixel Scrapper via word of mouth: if you like the site, maybe you know some people (in person, or via the internet) who would like it too; invite them to sign up, and join the community!

awesome idea Jordan! I have a photography website that I'm in the process of updating to showcase some of my layouts I create... I'd definitely link back to this site. I'm not sure how much people read my blog (well, I get a stat counter report every week and its not much) but hopefully you guys can get a link back or two out of it!

This is what i've alreaddy done right? smiley

Yay Jordan, thanks to the button! Just updated my blog´s sidebar to show that I´m now a moderator here, I am soooo proud smiley

I guess that, as long as people put more layouts with this sites assets on blogs and link to it the google acess will come back. The December blog train will for sure help too!

I don't have a website where I can do this, unfortunately, but would it help if instead of typing the home page address into my browser I "searched" for it each time? smiley

i just added a link to my blog sidebar i hope it helps!

Okay...tell me if I'm understanding the gist of this...
Google "rates" sites in search results - the higher the rating, the closer to page 1 on the search results the site is - and this is all determined by the number of times the site address is "out there" through links and references. Right so far?

If there are no - or very few - actual links, then google stops putting the site into search results. Yes?

So posting a link on a legitimate page helps...greatly...because the more links, the more the site crops up in search results, so therefore the closer to page 1 the actual site moves...until one day it is ON PAGE ONE of the the google search results. Still right?

Now, I don't have a personal blog (don't have enough time to update my professional blog!), so while I would go link right now, I cannot do so.


  • Does linking on facebook help?
  • Does sharing one of the links to my gallery on here help?
  • Does pinning on Pinterest help?
  • Is there some way for a person who does NOT have a personal (or professional if applicable) blog to help with this?
  • Does recruiting friends to the site help?

@Peggy: Thanks! I've added your points.

Thanks everyone, for your support!

@Lady Phillippa: That's a clever thought. Coming to the site via search (say, searching for "pixel scrapper") probably would help a little, but don't tire yourself out by searching every time!

@Jody: You've basically got the right idea. The particular problem in our case has to do with the fact that we "restructured" our site links/navigation, etc., and so Google is now eyeing our site suspiciously... getting more "back links" to Pixel Scrapper is one way we can try to convince Google that our site is still okay. Links from other blogs or websites are best, but any kind of link is better than none: so yes, sharing Pixel Scrapper links on Facebook, pinning items from Pixel Scrapper to Pinterest, sending people to your personal gallery here, etc. all helps!

Right now, with search traffic being so low, spreading the site via word of mouth is the best thing you can do! If you know people (in person or via the internet) who you think would enjoy Pixel Scrapper, invite them to sign up and join the community smiley

I'm all game for doing a search for pixel scrapper and coming here that way for a while to help increase the links and traffic, especially since I don't get a lot of traffic at my blog. I also have about 500 digital scrap places I watch on my FB account and I will post there to check out a couple times a month, too.

I seriously need to get back into my blogging - will definitely link up once I have it all up and running again smiley

Added to my blog sidebar smiley

Thanks for all the support everyone!

@Donna: Thanks! I gave you points!

Link to pixelscrapper is here since the first time I downloaded from it! smiley

I added the link to my blog sidebar.

@Gail and Sabina: Thanks! I gave you both points.

I've added a post on my blog. I need to figure out how to add a button permanently and then I'll do that. If anybody knows. I'm using blogger.

edit: I did it! I added a button on my blog page. I'm always really excited when I learn something new smiley

Ok didn't know all that so I linked the blinkie on my blog here:
I don't post a lot to my blog but I posted on my blog about it, posted the link to FB too:
smiley hope this helps a little

I've added a link to my blog sidebar too:

Thanks everyone! You should see that you have more points now!

Great job Lea, learning a new trick!

Got a link in my sidebar (page "Scrapbooking"):

Already done! Do you guys have a facebook page?

I posted your button on the sidebar of my blog Dree's Things. I also wrote a short post about your DSD freebie. Thanks again.

@Dree: Thanks! You should have your points!

Thanks a lot to everyone who has come to our aid! We really appreciate it!

I posted a link to my photography website. smiley

I hope you're able to get back in the game on google search!

Thanks Janet! You should have your points.

Thanks so much. smiley

I'm a bit slow.... Have been looking for a logo I could put on my blog, and then it has been sitting here for a week! Sorry. But you are now included on my site and in the near future you will get a more prominent location.


Thanks Trine! I gave you points.