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Hey I realize this is a blog hop but would anyone object to me posting on my Facebook page instead?

Girls, your previews are awesome! You have, as always, fantastic contributions to this train. I already have some papers and two wordarts. Hope we can finish them all soon.

Hey I realize this is a blog hop but would anyone object to me posting on my Facebook page instead?

Ok, this isn't a criticism, but just my point of view... From the standpoint of a "downloader" (since this is the first blog train where I'm one of the contributors and not a downloader), I personally skipped the one's that asked me to go to facebook simply because you are forced (in most cases) to like their page. I know for me, in the beggining, I didn't like "Liking" people I didn't know. Also, a lot of people still don't use FB. I only have it because of my crafts and starting my own shop, but otherwise I wouldn't touch it. I'm sure there are lots out there that would do it so they can keep track of the designers they see on the blog, but again, my own opinion, most just want to download and go. It might be different with this one since I think most will be people from this site.

Molly, I've personally had troubles on my laptop getting the facebook fan downloads...for some reason. I have to go in through a desktop computer to get something posted on facebook...so it's rare. Don't know what the issues are, but my laptop has a history of not being able to get at everything. I also have found Box.com downloads don't work I can't get at either. sometimes it's that the page doesn't look right in the layout, like I can't do Twitter anymore, cause it all runs down the left of the page.

Please don't think I'm nuts, but when I heard this theme I thought of dr seuss... still trying to figure out why smiley And I got a new script that I thought I would try, so I made a tube of feathers in the train colors, which made me think of the funky birds that hang out in Whoville and with the Lorax... hence the name of my little kit. I'll put a link to the tube for the train as well.

I have never designed anything before - so I made some papers. I might try making some elements but maybe not.


I love the dots!! way to go on your first papers!!

Thanks Denise - I guess the real test will be when everyone downloads them. I will say that I learn TONS of things and I am sure next time they will be even better

way to go Kaleena!

Here is my part!

What a sweet little baby, Jodi - and I love the knitted flower!

Love your part Jodi!! so adorable

I have a question about files. I'm going to have several colors of the same element. Is it acceptable to put them on one png file or should each be a separate file? (example: 4 pieces of different colored washi tape.) Any thoughts?
Same thing with my word art and other elements.

Personally I prefer them separate, because if I don't want or will never use certain colors I can delete them from my PC and not waste valuable storage space. Most people tend to be drawn to certain colors more than others or have colors they just don't like and never use. just my two cents. smiley

Thank you for your feedback. I appreciate it.

I also prefer having separate files, then when I want to use something I don't have to take the extra step of cutting it out of the .PNG file.

Thanks for the input guys!

Question....how long are we to keep our blog train portions available?

Jill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy to see you!

The blog train will go live on April 1 and pieces should be available for the entire month.

Thank you Denise and Dana. The Birds and The Bees are usually discussed because of babies, either preventing them or how they are made, so I thought a baby would fit in this somewhere! lol

What a variety of kits from the same color palate. Very inspiring. I hope to have time to create at least a mini-mini-kit before April 1, but time is running short and I have never done a complete coordinated kit yet. However, all the first time designers who have contributed are giving me hope. Thanks ladies.
(A whole day later) Everything didn't go smoothly but it was a real learning experience and I'm pretty pleased with the results. AND I have a whole new appreciation for designers.

Hey Molly!!!! {{{{hugs}}}}

Really adorable grungy Spring stamp, Hariett.. love it!

I have a question:

I never did a blogtrain ever and I love designing for it, is it that I design a kit with this colors and the theme and then I post it here so you can see what I made?

jessica: that's right! and in April we put it on our blog for the fans to grab it! It is also my first time, isn't this excited? Would love to see what you come up with

Everyone who has posted their design for the April blog train is very beautiful! This will be my first blog train. I started out with just a couple of elements and now I have 40! Is that too much? Should I just make a mini or go for it?

@Sharon I say just go with it! I am the same way, though I haven't done much designing. I tend to go overboard. If it is a theme I am having fun with then I just keep thinking of things to add. I am sure all will appreciate! More is always better than less especially if one wants to make an entire photobook using "one" kit.

I am loving all the sneak previews!!

@Sharon Grant -- that happened to me on my first blog train! I ended up with so much stuff that I broke it up into 5 or so kits, which was kind of nice because for a while I could put up a new kit about once a week.

Okay, here's mine.

@Janet thank you! I am using all of the elements. Here is a preview....


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