Do you prefer coffee or tea?

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@Nicole: Cool! Do you enjoy owning your own shop?

I'm addicted to tea, drinking it all day and lots of it and I know I have to stop drinking
so much tea, but it taste so very good LOL

I love to try new teas! (But coffee is a close second!)

@ Marisa.... Yes..... it was a dream come true..... In May, we have our first anniversary....

@ Jessica...... why haven`t I seen you in my shop yet.... smiley We have 100 different flavours know I want to go to your shop (and a month ago I went to Almere and I totally forgot to come to you), when I am in your town (Almere) I will for sure come to you and try out a lot of teas with you

I Know...... love you!!! smiley

I prefer tea.

I actually start yawning when I enter a coffee joint! I can't forget how my organ teacher's breathe smelled as she taught me after drinking her morning coffee. T_T

However.. I go for hot chocolate most of the time smiley

Coffee is a must for me I can not function with out it. If I am sick its tea

Can't go a day with a good latte smiley

Coffee... I am addicted to coffee.... I drink coffee all day long. But, I do enjoy a cup of hot tea and also a tall cold glass of southern sweet tea

Coffee is always my only favorite. Of course no sugar or milk added. Just the taste of filter coffee and me.
I think a good brewed coffee is the key of happiness and self peace.

It looks like the poll is closed. I prefer tea -- will drink coffee -- but only cold/iced. I do not like any hot drinks, so I ice tea and coffee. Recently, I've had to cut out caffeine, so I may be drinking a bit more coffee since it's easy to get decaf coffee in a restaurant and none of them seem to carry decaf tea. I figure I can ice down my coffee in a restaurant in a pinch.


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