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ISO Freebie Gaming Kit

I'm searching for a kit related to gaming - specifically Super Mario Brothers. My budget is, unfortunately, zero. I've found a ton of fantastic kits I can't afford, but so far not a single freebie! Anyone know of one? Or do I have to make my own? smiley

I haven't seen anything free. I have a really cute one by Ellie Lash, but it wasn't free, and I think it's retired. smiley I will keep an eye out, though!

Thanks! I've taken matters into my own hands. Keep an eye out for a freebie from me, coming soon!

Yay! smiley

I'll make sure you're the first to get it, Lorien! smiley

Yay, thank you!

That is so funny! I was just doing a Mario Kart scrapbook page about a week ago. There is sure to be a lot of interest if you develop a kit for it. My son and all of his buddies are so into Mario right now.

Shannon, there are a TON of Mario themed kits out there! I must have found 5 or 6, at least! BUT, they aren't free. Since I have no money, I have to make my own, lol! I'll be sure to share once its done.

Heather, So nice of you, can't wait to see it

I am excited to see this too!

I'm still working on it, promise! I'm juggling a few too many projects at once. I just started on papers, which are what I save for last usually... BUT, I found this cool font, so I had to make an alpha, and now I am thinking maybe I will throw in a few more ellies and just make it a full size kit instead of a mini. I'm having a blast with this! I am going with the retro NES version of Mario, so its been really funny trying to make things look LESS detailed and LESS realistic for a change!

I have no designer skills or I would offer to make it for you. The best I can do is give you encouraging words "you can do it" and "Go for it!". I to am anxious to see what you come up with. Good luck.

Cool idea! I'll keep an eye out on your blog for this one smiley

Its coming, I swear. Its about 90% done, even. But I had to put it on hold due to other commitments and my daughter being off school for Easter vacation (which means NO free time, lol!).

Do you know how to draw in Illustrator? You can paste an online screen grab of Mario in layer 1 and then trace over him with the pen tool in layer 2. When you're done, delete layer 1 and you have a vector Mario you can scale any size.

Its finally done! It turned into a full size kit, which I added to my store, but I put together a sampler with 8 ellies and 5 papers that is on my FB page!

So cool! Way to go Heather!

Do I have to say how I love being on Heather´s CT? smiley

This kit is perfect for my nerdy month smiley

Looks great!

Thanks ladies!