Does your car have a name?

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Does your car have a name?

Do you guys give names or even just genders to intimate objects?
I tend to make most things boys for some odd reason. So I know that my car is a boy but I can't seem to find a name that fits it. Strange I know....

My aunt and kids call my car Dora, because it's (oooh wait for it) an Explorer. Where's the eye-rolling smiley when you need it? LOL Just doesn't make sense to me because the car's red and Dora doesn't even wear red.

What color is your car? I think Maximus might suit a male red car. Anything Max-y, Maximus, Maximilian, Maxwell. I love names!

My car is bright green. There is a picture here

I think it looks sort of like a Felix, or Oscar, or Arthur. Something a little offbeat but still stylish.

I do have a name for my car. Its called "piece of crap junk car". smiley The battery died in it again! There's something wrong with the electrical and I had to replace the clutch 2 years ago. This is the 3rd battery I've had to put in it in the last 5 years. And I had to replace the power window motor 2 summers ago too. And the power latch for the trunk doesn't work anymore, so I'll have to replace that. Since its a sports/muscle car (my husband's idea) these things aren't cheap.

@Laura @Cat LOL< LOL! For me no name-sometimes refer to it as my Mom's car because when she died 4 yrs ago she bequeathed it to me-it was only two years old!

Normally I do, but I've had a Toyota Highlander for the past 2 years and I haven't named it yet. Haven't even decided if it's a he or she! My last car was a fun little blue Ford Focus hatchback named Jake.

Fun topic. My friend´s car is called "Dragon", I guess it´s a nice name for Kaleena´s car too, as it´s green and Shiny! I LOVED that color Kaleena. Here most of the cars are silver and black by now (oh, some white too, but here taxis are white, so not a really popular color), and a very few red. We almost never see blue or red cars anymore, and I find it really depressive. Makes our hard traffic even harder :p

Laura last night I fell asleep to my husband suggesting names none of those were on his list though.

NO WAY CAT! My old car had the same name smiley needless to say I do not miss it ever.

Lady Phillippa: Isn't it strange how names come fairly easy sometimes and then not others.

Lórien that is very interesting that there are so few colors, quite the contrast to the cars here in the states.

My car's name (and License Plate) is ZEN. She is a pretty red thing, and I love her so.......She makes me peaceful and happy.

Sunny - that fits you perfectly! How neat.

Back in high school I had the nickname of "Mee" and so my friends called my car (a really old Pontiac Sunbird) the "meemobile". Had so many good times in that car - I was so sad when it blew up! Our current car is a Mazda, so anytime I refer to it I say "Zoom Zoom" though it really doesn't have a name, lol.

I've never named any of my vehicles... But ever since my husband bought our new car, VW Jetta TDI that is diesel & was also retrofitted with a veggie oil tank, I've been finding myself calling it the "veggiemobile" or the "frymobile." haha I can't help myself... And everyone laughs when I call it that.

My car is Orange.. my kids call it Orange Crush so that's the name of it now.

Mine has several names, depending on who you talk to.

According to one friend, it's the NASCAR Windstar because he claims to have seen me driving fast through town, weaving in and out of traffic. I'm thinking he saw the van that looks just like mine, because I don't drive that way. I'm too afraid of getting a ticket or having a wreck.

According to my husband, it's Mom's Super Amphibious Assault Vehicle. Why he inserted the word assault, I've no idea, but the rest is because one day, it rained hard enough for the streets to experience flooding, and he drove my van through an area that taller trucks couldn't get through, against the advice of people in the neighborhood. The van made it through, and didn't stall, or even try to, and the name stuck.

Lol, not sure if I should say! Right now it's the piece of "crap" that everything that can go wrong with it is. But it's paid for!

I don't have a name for my car ... but when I talk to it I call it a girl. (yes I talk to my car ... such as ... please girl, let me make it to the gas station before running completely out of gas... lol)

Our car name is Plane, because we have a Saab and Saab's are build like aeroplanes according to the Swedish factory. That's why they're the nr.1 safest car. smiley

Our RV is named Sidonia and any Dutch and Bels' Pixelscrapper will know who she is. She's a character from the comic book Suske and Wiske, probably have a different name in other countries. She's very tall with huge feet and hands. Our 5th wheeler is 42ft so it seemed fitting smiley she is being pulled by the also HUGE truck the Ford King Exclusive 350 also known as 'The beast'.

I have a small red car named Ruby and an old mini pick-up named Sam (short for Samantha) 'cause she's sort of a tomboy. I once had a large GOLD mini van. Hideous, but she looked like a barge for sailing down the Nile, so I called her Cleo (short for Cleopatra, of course)!

Oh, and Della *, be careful about saying that your car is crap but paid for. If your car hears you she will spend a few weeks making weird noises and mysterious rumblings before conking out and requiring $3000.00 worth of repairs. Shhhh... smiley

Della, my car was the same way. but gosh I miss that piece of crap. LOL!

I have always wanted to give my car a name but was never clever enough to search out a fitting name. I like Arthur for your Green Sol by the way.

My car is called Leonard. smiley