Do you have any pets?

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I don't myself, but I do periodically take care of my parents' dog. I'm over there almost every day for lunch (I work for my dad and my 'rents live near the shop so we go to their place for lunch and take the dog outside and so on. I also take care of him when they're out of town on a trip too). The dog's name is Petey, and he's a pretty rotten spoiled 16 year old cocker spaniel, complete with the cocker personality to match.

Nope!! smiley
When I was in school my mother never liked to allow any pet in house.
When I was in University I met my present hubby there who told me after marriage he will buy a white puppy for me and I kept waiting!!
Now we are married and I still don't have a pet. Whenever I try to remember him about the promise of giving me a white puppy he tells it can be harmful for our newborn. Now he has promised me when our newborn will age up to 5 yrs. He will give me the puppy!! smiley


We have a Beagle named Ruby and a Stock horse named Sonic. We also have 50 angus cows, 25 Dorper sheep and 3 pigs but hey aren't really pets. We will also have some chickens when we have finished building their house.

I have a tri-colored border collie, he is so comical at times.

This time last year I had 4 dogs & a cat. Sadly, 3 of the dogs were elders and we lost them within about 3 months of each other but I still have one mini Schnauzer (Sweetie) and a cat (Bugsy). I miss my little Sugar so much. She was a mini Schnauzer that I had for years and she was with me all the time. Sweetest dog ever!!!

@Krissy: There are studies that suggest that kids who grow up with dogs from a young age have lower incidences of allergies and asthma. Get the dog earlier! smiley

My dog died a year ago, she was 15 years old and was the sweetest smartest dog (Obviously! smiley ). I miss her like crazy. Luckily I've been "fostering" my sister's cat for the last four years and he is very loving and help me a lot to deal with the loss.

Currently I have a dog (english springer spaniel named Tigger), a rabbit (Cookie), and a guinea pig (Moosie). Growing up we have always had something furry in the house. Four dogs, four rabbits, at least 7 hamsters, and now the newest is the guinea pig. I love my furbabies!

yes i have a very spoiled long haired chihuahua named buttercup..

At the moment I have 4 cats, 13 chickens and 6 geese, but I am looking at getting a pony for my 3 year old granddaughter who lives with me. I would love to get another horse for myself, but I haven't owned horses for about 10 years now and at my age it really hurts when you fall off ... I was riding a friends horse last week and was thrown off, and it feels like I was run over by a truck!!!!