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@Marisa: Cambodia Kit

I know you have a lot of uploads you are working on... but I have a request for the Cambodia glitters for you. smiley
I see all the colors, even started downloading them one by one, but I was curious is there any way we could get the patterns and styles for them like you normally share with the glitters. I've been slowly collecting those assets over the last couple weeks and would love to have them. pretty please with sugar on top. smiley
Thanks so much!

Yes, it's on the to do list. I've been putting Cambodia off because it's really a large kit and it's going to take some maneuvering to get it ready to upload as a kit. I may have to split it up. On my very official release schedule I have Cambodia set for August, can you wait that long? smiley

Wow 5 months ahead planned for uploads... that's a long list. smiley I can barely plan 2-4 weeks ahead. LoL
I just wanted the glitter pattern and styles since I've been downloading the glitter samples/tiles already. I've been downloading the other pieces of the kit individually the last couple months and it is a huge kit. Will the patterns and styles work from any other glitter set I've already downloaded or are they specific to each kit? I figure the later, but just thought I'd ask in case there's a work around if I start to scrap with the kit. Thanks

LOL, I´d like to see cambodia before that, because it has some great fall colors and here in Brazil we are in fall, not spring, now. Sometimes is really weird, when we have lots of releases for the opposite season from the ones we are in - but seeing only springy kits when we have the autumn outside is really depressive, because I know that those beautiful colors will only be here again in 6 months. Well, I have seasonal depression, and its starting, so this may be influencing my opinion too :p

I am really excited, I just finished downloading my last piece of Cambodia today! Took a while because Marisa keeps adding more kits and I have been grabbing them at the same time!

ditto Janet: exactly what happened to me. LoL!!! smiley it is an awesome kit smiley