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i love PINK! i prefer the softer shades, but am not opposed to bright neon pink either. It's such a happy, girlie colour!

The next one would have to be blue. Again i prefer the softer shades, i love it on clothes, on layouts, on furnishings, on just about anything. It's such a soothing colour and goes so well with cream. Which will have to be my third favourite. i adore creamy shades on furnishings, especially curtains and couches and sheets. i have friends who complain that my house is too bright because of that, but i actually LIKE the brightness. It's great for indoor shots of my kids as they go about their daily business of being kids. smiley

I love pink and green, separately and combined together. smiley

My all time favourite must be black.. as it's very mysterious but yet versatile and can go along with any other colours. Most importantly... It makes me look slimmer (heee hee)

I have always loved bright blues, my favorite hue being in the range of cobalt.

Otherwise, I've always been drawn to bright, happy colors, which is why I pounce on kits that have happy greens, happy oranges, etc.

And sometimes there's nothing better than a bright, true red (my mother's favorite color).

I use to work in make up and I can not find a color I have a favorite with. I love them all.

For clothes, I like to wear red. And lately, brown has replaced black as a staple in my closet. I do throw some pink/fuschia in from time to time for some punch.

When I scrapbook, I like to use a neutral base. When I scrap with paper, I often go to my stash of kraft paper for my base and build in my color from there.

My fav has always been orange, but recently I have grown to love lime green. It all started at work when my co-worker and I decided to paint some tables on our line. When we asked what color to paint we were told what ever we wanted that was available. Big mistake! lol My co-worker went to the cabinet where the paint was kept and brought back orange and lime green. He painted one table with orange and the other with the lime green. I painted the front of our parts washer with orange. He also trimmed a couple of things with the lime green. We thought it looked great, brought some color to the otherwise gray work area. Unfortunately the next day we found out that the plant production manager was NOT amused! The 1st shift operators said he came up on the platform and stated "What the h*** is going on up here, it looks like a d*** circus". I should add that it was the engineer of the line that told us we could choose the color. I don't think he knew what colors were available, lol. Any way, a couple of days later the tables were repainted the ordinary gray and the front of the washer caution yellow (at least that was a little color). Any whoo that brought me to loving lime green. It really stands out and I'm thinking of painting my front door that color.

I love purple and pink, I enjoy being very girly. I'm also having a mini love affair with maroon red at the moment smiley

I love blue. It's a very soothing relaxing color. It reminds me of water which is very cleansing and renewing

Blues, greens and purples. But I don't like yellowy greens, only bluey greens. My ultimate favourite is teal and I love the combination of teal and purple.

I love pink, but now that I'm older I like more neutral colors, like any combinations with brown, gray or charcoal, I wouldn't paint my living room pink just because I like it! >.<

Purple, any and all shades of purple! Not sure Why, I just love purple!

My favorite color is, and always has been, RED! I am attracted to wine colors, and PURPLE runs a close second.

Pink, definitely. smiley

Purple has been my favorite color since I was little.
To me it is the color of royalty; something of importance, beauty, and grace.

Purple. Definitely purple.

Most definitely blue! I love several shades of the blues including the older type paint color blues.