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Drawing Tablet

My husband surprised me with a drawing tablet! smiley
I know I am going to love it once I get used to using it. Do any of you use a drawing tablet with your computer? Have any pointers?

I have a tablet and don't like using it. I could also use some pointers.

My advice.... use it! Do not be frightened. A good thing is play computer games using the pen and that way you get used to the feel of it.

Also make sure you have the pen set up well for using with your scrapbooking software.

That's the thing that always stumps me. What am I supposed to set up to make sure it's working well...

I've been wanting to try a Wacom, also. I think that's what you're referring to.

I was given a Wacom Cintiqu tablet. It shows the screen on the tablet. I love it. I can use it to draw easier than I did my other tablet. But it takes some playing to get to where you can do it. I wish someone had tutorials that would walk you step by step through them though. There's so much more I'd love to learn to do with mine.

Oh, I LOVE mine! I find it especially useful for doing extractions, but I use it for all kinds of stuff when I am designing. It definitely takes some getting used to, though!

Wow Jen you have a Cintiqu? I was looking at the 13HD and it was $999! The Cintiqu is on my wish list.

I keep toying with the idea of getting a Bamboo tablet (I like to doodle & would love to make my own font), but I keep telling myself to wait - I have enough things I need to catch up on & learn first! lol

I won a Bamboo tablet at a Christmas party and I rarely use it. It takes some getting use to, but I do like it for extractions. I just don't have the space on my desk to use it unless I want to sit in an awkward position. If I change my room around I may try to make room for more of my tools...

I love love love my Bamboo tablet. I will never go back to using a mouse (for scrapbooking or designing)! I think what helped me best was to take an online Illustrator class (Jessica Sprague) which gave me lots of practice in Illustrator and by default, using the tablet. I think I just googled "how to adjust wacom pen settings in Photoshop/Illustrator" to set it up correctly.

Cat - get the wireless adapter, then you don't need desk space! smiley

Cat - get the wireless adapter, then you don't need desk space!

I should. It may help with my carpel tunnel if I used the tablet instead of the mouse...

I'm on a laptop and don't use a mouse just my touch pad but I have been thinking about a tablet.

For those of you who do have them have you found http://www.penscrappers.com/ yet? It has a contest with great prizes and a learning center.

@Michelle Thank you so much for the link! Still learning photoshop but I want to learn to use my tablet also-already bookmarked the site!

I have a Waucom Intuos but seldom use it. Like someone upthread said earlier, I should probably get in there and play with it. To me it always feels sort of clumsy and as others have said, I don't have good desk space for it, so it's easier just to use the mouse. But like everything new, I just need to make the effort to learn to use it. Going to check out the penscrappers link and the wireless adapter. That make make all the difference.

Edited: Bummer. I have the Intuos4 - no wireless for me. Boo.

I also have a Bamboo Tablet and I love it! It's true that it takes some time to getting used to the pen but once I had finished my first painting with ArtRage I was convinced. It's such fun to find out all the posibilities. I was lucky to get a version of the tablet which includes three programs: ArtRage, CorelPainter Essentials and Photoshop Elements 11. It will probably take me 10 years to learn all of them but well, that way I have an excuse to spend so much time in front of my PC lol. smiley

I just gave a gift for being a good girl to myself, and bought an used bamboo tablet. It´s definitelly a up-to-date model, but it seems to have been used few times, and I paid something I could pay for it, in three very smooth parcels. As I´m not sure if I´ll adapt to it or not, better start at low-profile. Well, for now, I don´t know anything about it. I made the tutorial that comes at the instalation CD, and tried to write a bit on it. I tried to adjust photoshop settings, but I still couldn´t do it - nothing happens when I follow the tut :p

If you have more hints and advice, they will be very welcome smiley

Ooh, congrats! I've always wanted a tablet to use with my designing. smiley

I am in love with my tablet, and completely used. The learning curve was waaaay shorter than I could imagine, and I can make great extractions and good drawings already. The problems that I was having are part of an issue between Windows 7 and wacom drivers. Sometimes I need to reinstall the drivers because windows don´t recognize them.

hi i have been thinking of getting a drawing tablet thanks for all the ideas etc. smiley

I bought a Wacom bamboo special edition but I haven't been able to get used to it. I really need to spend some time and try harder!