Adding video to a scrapbook layout

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Adding video to a scrapbook layout

I just found this uber-cool tutorial for adding video to scrapbook layouts. It shows how to create a QR code that you add to your layout and then others can scan the code and watch the video you upload. I was able to scan a QR code with RedLaser for iPhone straight off the computer screen so this can work for digi or paper layouts....

There is a freebie associated with it as well...


Wow, that's a really neat idea!

Oooh, thanks! I can't wait to try this.


Wow! Amazing.

That is really nifty! I never would have thought of that!

Thanks so much for sharing! I had to hunt up a free app that would work with my older phone, but I found one, AT&T. I get all the hand-me-downs, so I have a phone that isn't a phone, but works with the houses wireless...but has the old operating system.

I was working on this type of thing back in '07. I entered a contest and thought this was my ticket to win, but I didn't. smiley . Here's the layout I made with animation:

This was so much fun! Thanks for the tip, Molly. I have lots of short home videos of the kids that will now be watched over and over. I may even go back and add the QR code to some old layouts.

@ Cat That's very impressive. If that didn't win, what did?

@Molly: o.m.gosh!!! that is so stinkin kewl!!! can't wait to do this to some of my layouts, especially vaca ones hubby and I took or wedding ones... oh this will be fun! smiley

@Cat: I totally agree with Michelle... I am utterly impressed in '07 and "what" did win??? wow!!!

You ladies are so "creative"!!! thanks for sharing your talents with the rest of us. smiley

Unfortunately, my layout didn't have the "journalling" element they were looking for. A layout about someone's baby won. Man, that baby card always wins... smiley

Thanks Molly, a great idea.

Cat- I think that's a fab idea too!

Cat: ROFLOL I know exactly what you mean... smiley

Duh! I use QR-codes in my work-life as a (web)designer but I never thought of incorporating them into my layouts. What a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing Molly!

Molly, thanks for sharing! I've read something about it before - but still haven't tried it - but totally want to!! So creative!!

I'm bumping this up on the forums again, because it's just so GOOD!

Looked for it again last night, and there are probably new folks that would like to stumble across ability. smiley