How do you color gray scale elements?

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How do you color gray scale elements?

How do you color gray scale elements that are in kits such as this brad kit? And would the coloring be in a single color or is there a way to do mulitple colors so the petals are colored differently than the base of the brad? Thanks for any advice you all can give me.

@Sarah, I already got the kit and it is layered psd files. Each color is on it's each layer. You can just use the papers you want and create a clipping mask. I believe if you merge it will keep the button characteristics (haven't used it yet). I also have an action, Cover It, by Wendyzine that will cover it and then it keeps the characteristics of the template, ie shine with one simple click. It really works for both PSE and PS. I used it in PS CS6 and it will cover any element not just buttons! Cost $3.99

Good to know. I'll have to check out that action. Thanks

@Janet-Thank you for the tips and the link to the action. I will have to give it a try. I am branching out on my abilities--this might be a stretch for me.