Photoshop or Gimp?

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Photoshop or Gimp?

I am brand new to digital scrapbooking. I still prefer to do most things in real paper, etc., but I am trying to learn to do a few things to paper, like add neat texts and a few elements before I print. Anyway, I am having a very difficult time on the free trials of photoshop and the free GIMP software. What do you recommend? I really can't buy photoshop for 300 dollars, bur am wondering if it really is worth it. I know the tutorials here are for photoshop. How long did it take for you all to learn these programs? Which is better? Any comparisons or comments you have on this would be helpful.

I tried gimp and I prefer Photoshop.

At the moment I do not use either. I have been using Photo Expresions, But I am taking a closer look at Photoshop.

Gimp is an open source free to download and use. It does have its limitations.
Photoshop is actually an easy program to learn. There is a lot of tutorials on the web as well as a lot of books and ebooks.
If you are a student you can get Photoshop at a student discount or the CS6 suite for about 400.00. A big savings.
There are many colleges that offer Photoshop courses that will give you a well rounded learning in Photoshop.

I'm so glad you asked that, i've been wondering the same thing.
I'm new and just getting started, and I'm just as lost too.

I currently own GIMP, photoshop elements 6, and photoshop cs4. Out of all of them, I find elements 6.0 to be the easiest for me. I still use cs4 as well, but only because I havent figured out of you can create shapes in elements 6.0.

Anyway, I've watched the few tutorials here, and I've even punched "digital scrapbooking tutorials" in youtube and STILL haven't gotten very far smiley

I've used gimp, photoshop elements and photoshop cs5 and i find the last one most useful smiley If you don't wanna spend as much money on photoshop elements are a great deal since it's a lot more cheap smiley

@jessica fors, Elements is much easier to click & drag things to create...I cant seem to get that to work in CS4. Do you have any advice? Also, do you happen to know if you can create (like creating a scalloped edge or even just a colored box) in elements?

Thanks for all the replies...we newbies need help!

I tried GIMP a long, long time ago, and I know that today it has more features than it used to have on that time. Talking with other digiscrappers on the internet, however, most of them seem to think, sooner or later, that GIMP is not enough.

For me, Photoshop isn´t that easy, but it´s not really hard - and, when I don´t know what to do I can just google "How to xxxx in photoshop", and I usually find what I need.

The last time a used GIMP ( about 2 years ago) it didn't have the option of clipping masks. I find clipping masks so vital that I couldn't do without Photoshop. I currently have CS5 thanks to my son who is a college student (He got it for his discounted rate) I plan to upgrade to CS6 during his winter semester.

Thank heavens for the Adobe student store!

I don't know about GIMP but there are a lot of resources out there for Photoshop (and Photoshop Elements). Photoshop Elements is a much cheaper version of Photoshop. Chances are you can find some helpful video or step by step tutorials of how to get started in Photoshop/PSE. I had Photoshop Elements for a couple years before I did anything with it. It intimidated the heck outta me. What I've found is that you just gotta get in there & play around!

I feel so intimidated by photoshop. I usually catch on to things quickly, and both GIMP and photoshop trials have been just that...TRIALS! I get frustrated! I guess I need to be more patient!

I don't own Photoshop, and rely solely on freeware, I use a combination on Photoscape and Gimp. With all programs there is a learning curve, but I've been able to apply all Photoshop tutorials from YouTube to GIMP. The locations of things are in different places so that generally took the most time, and a lot of trial and error.

That is good to know emily..I will take a look at the tutorials then. smiley

Hi Steph

Here in the UK I don't know anyone who has paid out for Photoshop unless they are designers and use it for work as it is more expensive here than in the USA.

I started off last year with Craft Artist which is a great little program but doesn't have adjustment layers so I have recently bought PSE 10 - I then read about a little upgrade/patch called Elements+ which gives you more of the stuff you get with Photoshop. I have only just installed it but it seems stable and only cost 12 USD and has versions for all Elements including 11. There is also a demo version (as long as you like) to try and extensive reading with photos to explain each thing it does. I am a windows user so don't know if either product OK for Mac.

I've used GIMP and Photoshop CS4, and I much prefer Photoshop because it's more versatile. I actually had Photoshop for awhile before I really used it because I was so intimidated by it, but as I began editing my photos, I kept experimenting and found it is really not that difficult. Plus, I'm always finding new tips and tricks online to help!

I use Photoshop Elements and it does everything I need and or want it to do and more and it is a fraction of the cost. I really love it!

@Cipriana Greek i don't find it hard to click and drag things... you just use the move tool and drag it where you want smiley I use CS5 but that shouldn't be any difference smiley And sorry but i havn't used elements since the begining of my scrapbooking so i don't know that much about it since my own experince at that time was about zero smiley

I just started using Photoshop Elements a few months ago and love it! It was only $99 but if you are not a professional photographer, this will totally work for your needs. It has definitely been a learning process and I have watched lots of tutorials, but I am very happy with my purchase and totally recommend it.