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Hi. I'm just curious how every one organizes there digital scrapbooking papers / kits / elements. I have a mess of unzipped files, random elements in files that I frequently use, and forgotten kits in random places.

Thanks! Emily.

Olá Emily!

Eu particularmente organizo meus kits por pastas e designers, me ajuda muito na hora da escolha, de lembrar que tal designer digital tem tal kit, com tal cor especifica, mas fácil para mim achar, as vezes quando baixo arquivos soltos, também organizo por partas:papéis,flores,etc.

Um abraço

Hi Ladies: I'm going to close out this thread because we have an active post about this very subject already going on here, Keep It Organized. Thanks for your eager participation in the forums. Please feel free to go through that thread, there's a lot of information, and add to it any of your own ideas on the subject.

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