O que gostaria de ver em um Kit com tema de Amor?

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O que gostaria de ver em um Kit com tema de Amor?

Olá!Marisa parabéns por esse lugar, está bastante agradável!Eu sou designer de kits Scrapbook Digital!Em meu mais novo projeto com tema de amor...se Chamará Discovery's Love Kit...e a pergunta é....O que vocês esperariam em encontrar em um kit assim?Quais elementos enchem os olhos nos kits de amor?Fico muito agradecida pelas discussões!


Ill try to translate this, that´s in Portugese:

"Hi Marisa, thanks for this place, its enjoyable. I´m a digital scrapbooking designer! In my new project with love theme... that´ll be called "Discovery´s Love Kit" sic... and the question is... what do you expect for a kit like that? What elements make your eyes shine in kits about love? Thanks for the discussions."

Hi Joice, welcome here! I don´t usually buy and just sometimes download freebies about love, but I´d expect elements in red, and white, and I´d like to have things that looked like patchwork. Also, are you sure about the kit´s name? It translates for portuguese to "kit de amor do descobridor", what, for me, sound a bit weird.

Also, I am not sure if you are using any kind of browser that translates to Portugese, like Google Chrome, and didn´t realised it, but we have very very few Portugese speakers here - even being from all over the world we are all talking in English, or if you posted in Portugese just because you desired to do so. Don´t be ashamed of post in English next time if you want - I never seen someone being blamed for a bad English here - all people try to understand and help!

Its nice to see you here smiley

We absolutely take any attempts at English, no judging here.

I really love glitter, so if I was doing something about love, there would definitely be glitter. And probably hot pink. I wouldn't be embarrassed to go very "girly" although I'm sure lots of people would appreciate a more neutral/elegant style. There are so many options...

Hello Joice,

MsWord has a good translator:
Hello!Marisa congratulations for this place is quite nice!I am designer Digital Scrapbook kits!In my newest project with the theme of love ... will be called Discovery's Love Kit ... and the question is. ...What you would expect to find in a kit like this?Which elements fill the eyes in the kits of love?I am very grateful for discussions!

Things I like seeing in a love kit, Pinks, purples, flowers, wine glasses.

I am very grateful for the answers! Thanks