Designer Challenge - Layout Template - Deadline March 28

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Heather: i think you made a nice template!
Carrie: thanks! love your lo and I already laft you some love

Heather, I like your template.It has spaces for lots of creativity. Ditto: what everyone else said too.

WOW! these templates are amazing!! this is a tough challenge (the Best kind!) and i'm waffling on trying, but your work is inspiring and makes me want to try!! so cool to see all your different styles smiley

I used an existing layout (below template) as the basis but some of the elements were very themey so I changed it up a little...


Great job Molly. Love your little doodle at the bottom also.

Great template, Molly! And what a fun layout!

Here is my design. It was a fun challenge. Love the different ideas everyone had! You can download my template in either PNG format, or PSD Format, from my BOX account, here.


(The letters and numbers correspond to the layer name, so that they can be located more easily in the Layers pallet.)

Sunny what a brilliant idea having numbers and letters that corresponds to the layers. I hope you don't mind if I use your idea for future projects?

Hopefully this will work for those of you who want to use the template. Feel free to give a holler if you have any problems (haven't tried doing this before). smiley

Okay...for the stats...this is a Photoshop document. Everything is on separate layers and has the option to either keep or get rid of shadowing (I know I like to have that option). The download link can be found here.

Great submissions everyone! Thanks for participating!


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