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Freebies from The CoffeShop Blog

You might already know about The CoffeeShop Blog, but it's a super site dedicated to free Photoshop (and PSE) photo actions and other photo freebies (vintage frames, storyboards, etc).

Here are some of my favorite actions, used on my photos:

Also I love all of the vintage frames she has.

If you use her actions, leave your favorites below! Or even better, a photo you used the action on!

Thanks Marisa,

I have not been back to the CoffeeShop Blog in a while. They have added a lot of new items from frames, web templates, story boards, to Facebook covers.

Thank you, Marisa!!! I've not been back to this site in a while. I'll check later.

Thanks for the tip I like some of the frames they had, they will go nicely with some of the designs I collected here

I love the Coffeeshop Blog! I subscribe to her mailing list and use her actions all the time. She does a wonderful job and her blog is a lot of fun to read.

I'm amazed at the great stuff on the CoffeeShop Blog. I was actually there yesterday to download a couple of storyboards for my photography business. Definitely a great blog!