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Blog Trains

So, as I dibble and dabble in this digital world falling in love with it, I've discovered I like Blog Trains. I like that they introduce me to different designers. I know that Marisa has one here on Pixel Scrapper, and I know she participates in one (the name escapes me!).

Anyone else participate, or eagerly await one that they would like to share?

The only blog train I do is the PixelScrapper one. I set up a blog just to join in (why not - they're free!) I think one every-other-month scrapbooking train is all I can manage! The world of digital scrapbooking is big and the number of talented people who make stuff sort of overwhelms me. But I love to go look.

I participate on Pixel Scrapper and Scraps´N´Pieces blog trains, at least for now. If you go to the freebies forum you´ll have a list of blog trains that is renewed every month.

The only one I use to do was the one that Digi Shop Talk took over. I think it use to be just called The Blog Train. I had so much fun creating my kit for the Feb blog train (although I wasn't "officially" part of it since I was really late getting my stuff together), I've joined 3 for this month. I'll be doing the Pixel Scrapper one, the Stuff to Scrap one, and the Bits n Bobs one. I don't know what I was thinking, because I just opened up my shop AND I have to do my newletter too. I don't know why I do this to myself...

Thanks Lorien! (sorry, I don't know how to make my o accented)

I totally missed that. I didn't think to look for a blog train post in the sticky, and in freebies.

Cat thanks for the recommendations! I saw the Scrap n pieces one (loves the bright kids art) and that's what got me thinking there must be other awesome ones out there.