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Basketball Bundle

If you are someone who likes to purchase bundles - the Basketball bundle will officially publish at 8 am March 26 my time (Ohio, USA). We are still working out kinks on me uploading, etc - and right now the process is to set the bundle up first - then add the kits - then publish the bundle. However, when I went to change the publish date to "now" - I was denied access to my own bundle smiley haha

So I can't change it. smiley

I have a feeling the same thing will happen for another bundle I'm getting ready to upload, Sports, which is a basics of papers and elements to go with the basketball kits and future sports kits I will upload.

You can add your teams colors by using elements and papers from the Color Basics collab kits that Marisa and I worked on together -- they will be uploading in April. Hope I was allowed to announce that?? smiley

Sorry Brooke: you should now be able to change the publish date smiley

awesome, thanks Jordan!

I have downloaded two of Brooke's Kits and had to download again because the first of both downloads were blank.
The third downloads were fine on both kits. Not really a problem for me, just thought I would let you know.

Great kits Brooke!

@Beverly: Have you tried again... i downloaded all of them the last few days and they are all there for me. Maybe it just wasn't done uploading or a glitch when you tried? smiley

@Beverly: I suspect this might be an issue with your internet connection... do you have a good, stable connection?