April Paper a Day Challenge: Week 1

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April Paper a Day Challenge: Week 1

I'm closing this thread. You can leave your new papers here.


This designer challenge will run the entire month of April. The goal is to make a paper a day. If you don't have time everyday to participate, that's okay; there will be wiggle room to play catch up. Everyday I will post a theme for you to use. Before we start you can give some thought to what color palette you would like to use and what you'd like to do with your finished product, which should be 30 papers. (Here's a link to my pinterest board for color palettes.)

In this thread you may post:

  1. Questions and comments on completing each paper theme.
  2. Finished papers and/or templates. You may of course post small thumbnail images if you are saving the finished product for something.
  3. I'll post a new thread each week so that things don't get too out of hand.

April Paper a Day Challenge Week 1 Themes
Monday, April 1: Polka Dots
Tuesday, April 2: Stripes
Wednesday April 3: Hearts
Thursday April 4: Flowers
Friday April 5: Leaves
Saturday April 6: Geometric
Sunday April 7: Stars

If you have any ideas for paper themes, please comment here. Also let me know which ones sounds best to you.

I would love to participate in this challenge but since I'll be traveling and away from my computer for over half the time, it won't work for me. I'll be looking forward to seeing what all you talented people produce.

I am going to try this challenge. I need more experience making papers.


Hummmm. A theme for each day is a lot of work for you, Marisa, How about a theme per week, for example:

week one - patterns (dots, stripes, plaids, damask, lace, objects, words)

week two - texture (cardboard, fabric, crinkled or folded paper, metal, wood, leather, concrete, freestyle)

Week three - grunge (torn and tattered, messy, stained, freestyle)

week four - theme specific: wedding, birthday, baby, camping/ outdoors, sports, boy, girl, pet.

I'll join in no matter the direction, so I'm looking forward to hearing from the group on how to proceed!

love the idea! I'm in!

sounds wonderful! love to participate!!

Great idea! I can't join every day, but I'll try to finish 30 papers by the end of April. I already have my theme and colorpalette, I've been working on a pinkish 'Marie Antoinette' kit. And I really need some inspiration for the paper pack!

What a great challenge, I'm in..... I love making papers

would it be worth considering having given colors to work with? at the end of each day or even the month we could have a new set of papers! it may not appeal to people so maybe not.

Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with! Love making papers.

I think I'm going to try to do this. I've just been dabbling in designing lately, and this sounds like lots of fun!

Love this idea! I am doing a Green Smoothie a Day challenge in April but I wanted a creative daily challenge too...

This is perfect!

Oh, and I think Sunny's idea sounds good as far as themes...

I'm so overloaded right now with school & dealing with the aftermath of the fire, but I really love making papers! So I am going to play along as best I can. I chose a palette from Marisa's pinterest page (this is not my image, despite the presence of polka dots - this is someone else's artwork and the palette it uses):

Just added the first challenge. I thought we'd start easy with polka dots. Also I woke up with a polka dot idea in my head, so it must have been a sign...Feel free to use whatever colors you choose, and share what you make here!

My color palette for this challenge is this one:

And here is my paper for today:

I am saving up my papers for a new kit, so at the end of the month, I'll give you a link, if that is okay?

Here's my paper: I'm also saving mine up, so this is just a small version:

Gorgeous Marisa!

I'll try to participate. I'm choosing the color pallete. smiley

Here is my paper, I chose a colorpalette and will save my papers for a new kit

Well, I have to admit something: I didn´t have any PD pattern that I made from scratch. So, I did a very simple one. I´d like to offer it for you all, with no strings attached:

If you right click to download, it won´t be in full size, so please, download here.

The actual papers I´m saving for a while. I made two colors with the same overlay, as you see here:

@Jessica: WOW!!
@ Lórien: Thanks, templates come always in handy!

@Lórien: It comes in 512x512.

This is a nice idea but I don't know if it will work everyday for me. I just don't have the time for it.
But I think I am going to work with a colour palette and make a full papers kit for April.

@Lórien: It comes in 512x512.

Thank you, so it means that Picasa don´t alow full size download. As google drive don´t allow previews, I´ll need to put always on both. Annoying :p

Love all these posts already!!

Thanks for the template Lorien!! it's really versatile smiley

Wonderful papers Violet, Saskia, Marisa, Jessica and Lorien! You are so fast!!

Looking good everyone! I want to make more polka dots papers now. Maybe next time we should do a month of polka dots...

Here's mine. A little offbeat but I hope it's okay. This is soooo fun!

Here is my Day 1 paper - smiley

Here's my day 1.
It's just a preview for now but I'll be making whatever I get done for this month available in a zip file at the end smiley

I have chosen a colour palette and started on this

I will need to figure out how to add a picture preview to the forum but if I manage to complete the challenge I will make it into a paper pack all together.

Is there a kit format or packaging that I should use for designer challenges at pixelscrapper. I have only dabbled once before in any designing for a challenge.

Also could someone tell me the best size to save completed papers - thanks

I have been playing and have made a set of four 'Fuzzy polka dots' papers now.
I have saved my psd working files and a jpg of each at full size, plus made up a preview.
I will wait for more info on how to present them before I post.

@Violet- WOW!!


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