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Download issue

I have had no issue getting papers downloaded which I love for my book. But I tried getting the marisa-lerin_5392popsicle-stick-frame_pu.png downloaded two times used up DC and got nothing out of it. I have a brandnew laptop so I thought it would be fine apparently not. It said each time I tried it it was starting but did not do anything. smiley

I don´t know what´s happening smiley I tried to download it right now, to check if the link was broken or something like that, and it worked well.

Hi Laura, sorry for the trouble. What operating system and browser are you using? Do you have a good stable internet connection? One thing you might try is using a different browser... Have you had trouble with other items, or just with the popsicle stick frame?

I have windows 8 and using google chrome and I have used other programs just that one is not working at all

Laura wrote:
just that one is not working at all

Just to clarify: so you have not had trouble downloading any other designs from this website? Just the popsicle stick frame?

Just the Popsicle one and thats it. Everything else is good.

@Laura: I've given you some extra DC to make up for the ones you lost, and so you can try downloading the popsicle frame again. Please let me know if you still have trouble with it.


Thank you! I found something else in replace of it. I am on a time crunch for a gift to get done, needed it done yesterday night. I will try again when I go to work on another book next week.