Holes in elements? Do they bother you?

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Holes in elements? Do they bother you?

Or am I just weird? I'm talking about things like buttons and paper flowers. A real button would be sewn on. A "real" paper flower has a hole so you can layer and string them together or attach them to a stem or something, in which case there would be some sort of fastener and the hole wouldn't be so visible.

I could cover up the flower holes with a sequin or something, but of course sequins have holes too. smiley I can live with that even though the holes were originally for sewing, since I see so many glued sequins in the real world. But it does make them useless for covering up the flower holes! Brads just don't always look "right".

I get really excited when I see a button with stitches!

I get excited when buttons have stitches too. Like you said if I were scrapping with paper i would use some thread and do it.

They don´t bother me, as my paper scraps are full of holes also, as I never stitched on scrapbooking, just on Artist Trading Cards. I used to glue everything, always. But I started to be intrigued with sewn/no sewn buttons on digital scrapping when I started DTing for Scrappiness Desings - In most of the kits I´ve worked so far she offers buttons but also a tiny stitch you can put on them if you want them look stitched, so you can deceide by yourself. But I still don´t have any opinion about stitching the buttons or not...

I don't mind holes - I use them on my tags so that they can be used with brads, string or ribbon. I always feel that a button should be attached to a paper with thread to be more realistic, so if a button doesn't come with a thread, I add one myself.

I enjoy very much seeing how others use elements in new and exciting ways - I'm always seeing something new!

I don't mind the holes, per se, what I do mind about the holes is they are often white rather than the color f the background paper.

I don't mind the holes, per se, what I do mind about the holes is they are often white rather than the color f the background paper

That shouldn't happen. The holes should be transparent. Its easy enough to fix, but that's a booboo if you have buttons in a kit that don't have transparent backgrounds and holes.

I actually didn't really think about it. It use to bother me when I made cards or paper scrapbook pages to not have something in the holes, but with digital, too me, it just seemed to make them look more real with the holes. Maybe I'll have to start including a little stitch or thread bow with my kits from now on. smiley

Tags I can understand, Sunny. Real tags do usually have holes so you can hang them, tie them, hook them on somehow. And if you attached it without using the hole, say with tape or a paperclip, the hole would still be there and that's fine. It happens in real life too.

The flowers and buttons just bug me because ... how else did you attach it?? With glue? And then didn't glue anything else over the center hole of the flower? The glue oozing out of the button holes didn't bug you? It didn't stick to the next page in your scrapbook? Maybe some people would, I don't know. I just know I wouldn't. Maybe I do have a few OCD tendencies!

I'm sure I'm thinking too deeply about fake holes! LOL smiley

Actually I never really thought about it, but now I'll be obsessive like Laura....

@Laura: I'm very similar to you on your thoughts about this as far as it bugging me in digital because most times I would add stitching in my paper scrapping, but IRL I use glue dots with buttons and flowers so no glue ever peeks through the holes either just in case I didn't... smiley

I have to confess I'm finding this thread a little confusing. I keep reading it and then I'm like, "what?" Haha. I guess I was on vacation too long or something... In any case, I don't think I mind whatever you are talking about...

I don't really mind holes in elements either except today I have seen tons of those little polyester flower layers that are real life scrap elements that people scan in and extract. I don't really care for them that much in the first place but man I really hate it when people use them and leave the centers blank so all you see is the raggedy hole. smiley YUCK!

Hm, never thought about it! I guess because yes, I would just use glue. Not enough that it would seep through the holes - just a little dab on the top & bottom. Either that or some double-sided tape, depending on the texture of the button. I do agree that they should be transparent. I don't think I've come across any that the designer left with a white (rather than transparent) hole.

hmmm... I guess you need to be an ex-paper-scrapper to know what you're talking about! And I'm obviously not smiley It never bothered me, but I guess it will now...

@Melo: This is probably very true. I know I scrapped for about 11-12 years paper (back in the CM only days) before I started playing with digital about 8-9 years ago. I was looking for quotes and some title-work for a special project I was working on and found a whole NEW world. For about two years I rebelled to the digital world, while dabbling with it... mostly BECAUSE... they "digi-scrappers" just didn't get what it looked like IRL (in real life). Once I learned that you could make it look like real paper scrapping using PS & shadowing (burning, dodging, etc), I gave in and bought PS7 way back in the day and I became hooked to digital!!! Especially as the paper scrapper designers crossed over and made more and more realistic embellies, I was finally addicted. Here's a little confession, I still to this day have the hardest time doing those fairytale/dreamy type layouts because of my lack of knowledge with the truly digital or graphics art type side. smiley So, I'm really limited the other way creatively. smiley

hmmm... I guess you need to be an ex-paper-scrapper to know what you're talking about!

I like the holes on elements that could be attached somehow: buttons, tags. Not so fond of the "raggedy" holes in the fake flowers. (I'm with you, Molly!)
On the other hand, I'm not sure anyone else looking at my pages would think for a nanosecond about how a virtual button is fastened to virtual paper. I don't really think about it, other than wanting the background to show through.

Hmm.. This thread is a bit confusing! I didn't think paper flowers had holes. I thought they got glued to whatever they were being used for. Digital buttons and tags should have open holes, unless of course they haven't got holes at all! Some buttons have a loop at the back for sewing on. Some tags are adhesive so they don't need a hole. As long as you are happy with what ever you do!

@Angela: Here's three examples of some real life prima paper scrapping flowers to show you what we're talking about. The second image shows that someone put pearls (glued or sewn in) in the little hole in the middle. Some people use brads, buttons, embroidery stitching, etc. HTH you to clear the confusion. smiley

Here's a digital version of a prima flower that Marisa made. smiley

Ah! Now I understand! The only paper flowers I have bought were mulberry ones and they didn't have holes in. In light of this information, I would say digital ones should most definitely not have holes in. If you are scanning in flowers with holes, it is relatively easy to "fill in" the holes in your editing programme.

I am ressurecting the topic to ask the oposite. My question is specific to buttons: Some of you thought you love buttons with thread attached. Is there someone out there who hates it, and prefer the "bare" buttons with transparent background in the holes? What if it´s a very subtle - but still realistic - stitch?

If I use a button I always go back and use a stitching brush on top because otherwise it does not look finished to me. There are a number of really nice (and free!) stitching brushes around. Same with a silk flower, I'll ad a pearl - or a button AND stitches! - or a jewel is sometimes nice too.

I still find this thread to be really weird. Sometimes things have holes, and sometimes they don't....I guess the internet is good for finding people with similar interests...like talking about holes...

I can´t stop laughing at this comment Marisa. Do you remember the list of "funniest messages of Chit Chat forum?". This one and the Heather Neal´s farting llhama need to be included.

I like big holes and I cannot lie... (in my best sir mix a lot singing voice) hee hee hee smiley

Shawna O.O *terrified*

I usually put some kind of thread/bow, etc on my buttons, but the sequins bother me. I think I've put rhinestones on the sequins in the past. I wish there were thread elements to replicate thread through buttons, etc.