Computers. Your fave?

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Computers. Your fave?

Do you have a fave brand of computer or did your personalize an order? Maybe you built one? Anyway what is your fave? What do you like or not like about what you have?

I built mine in '08 and it's still a great piece of machinery. Unfortunately, since I need to update my graphics card I may as well rebuild the whole thing since I'm about to have the "if you give a mouse a cookie" syndrome of the computer world.
If I update my graphics card I may as well update my processor to match. When I update my processor I'll need a new motherboard to put it in since mine is so old. When I get the new motherboard I'll have to replace my ram since it will no longer fit. Since I'm doing all that I may as well get a new hard drive to match. (I only have half a tb.) Once I put all that in the case I should buy new fans so it's quieter. To help cut down on sound I need to replace the silicone that holds my acrylic panels in place. Since I have to re-silicone the panels should I just buy a new case?

^See where I'm going with that?

I have had laptops for some time now. My desktop is a Windows XP and I don't really use it at all.I have had HP, Sony and my latest is an ASUS. When I got to under 100 mb left on my HD on my Sony Vaio due to digital scrapping I had to upgrade. So I researched it and because of two main things I bought my ASUS: a 1TB HD and my 17" screen! It is a "gamer" laptop but I don't really use that aspect of it. I believe that the video drivers are better than the norm. After getting it I heard more and more positives for this brand. All in all I have nothing negative to say about this brand!

I have a Lenovo laptop I've been pretty happy with. My family has gone through HP and Dell laptops, and we've sworn off both for good. Just our experiences. I've had a couple issues with this laptop, but I think it's mostly because it's had a very tough life. It's been A LOT more mobile than any laptop I've previously had, going back and forth to campus with me several times a week and taking car trips to another state 3-4x a month. It's seen a lot of miles. ha!

You asked for specifics...I like that it has maintained its speed. And when I have had a problem or two in the past 2.5 years, I've always been able to get a customer service rep who speaks English clearly --even 1st language. I have to say that being able to communicate clearly with a technician gets BIG scores in my book!

For years and years I was a PC girl ALL.The.WAY! but I have "seen the light" lol. I don't think it is PCs I have much trouble with but Windows so I have now switched to Macs. I will never go back as long as I can help it. I find that everything just works, software and hardware wise. I am hard on my computers but I used to buy a new PC every year because it was just slow and irritating. I had my last MacBook for 4 years and it was still my pride and joy except it was running out of hard disc space but I think my husband (who is our computer guy) was having the "if you give a Mouse a Cookie syndrome" and bought me a new one. The cool thing is we have a son in his Freshman year in college who got my old MacBook so he too has a fantastic working computer now too. smiley

I have a lenovo laptop that I love...this is my second lenovo as the first one tragically got stepped on during a camping trip, lol...but it is a really nice laptop and has lasted me almost 2 years now which is a new record. (I go through them like crazy). We also have an Acer desktop that is really nice.

Janet: How long have you had the ASUS? I was looking at one, but since I'm not familiar with the brand I've been hesitating.

We are currently down to one laptop with Windows XP that works reliably, and one laptop that I reprogrammed to Linux so we could use it for the internet better. Both laptops are old in computer land - circa 2008 and 2006, so it's past time to replace them. We are going to build a desktop, and buy a laptop.

They will be Windows, because Apple hates me. LOL.

My husband and I each have an ASUS. They are very good about their warranties, too. This is my second ASUS. After several years, I upgraded to one with more RAM, a better graphics card, and more hard drive space. I would LOVE to own a MAC, but I just don't want to switch out all of my PC programs for MAC ones. If I win the lottery, I shall be first in line for a new MAC. My personal thinking is that it's not what the computer can do - it's what the user can do with it, that makes the difference.

I have an Acer, my hubby has an Acer, my sons have an Acer, and my MIL has my old Acer smiley

We've been through quite a progression! Gateway, Dell, Sony, eMachines, and now finally Toshiba. I have a love-hate relationship with the Toshibas (I'm on my second).

My beef is that they somehow break just out of warranty, as evidenced by the fact that I have my mouse set to left-handed, which I am not. I do this because the left button just doesn't click. Also, if the keyboard keys pop off, they are impossible to get back on because it turns out they're held in place by these tiny tiny plastic criss-cross thingies. I'm showing off my highly technical knowledge here, but you probably understand me. smiley But the good is that somehow, despite the random breakage, they are exremely durable! You can't kill them! The very laptop I'm typing this on has survived drops, falls, being stepped on by children, and even an incident with half a bottle of strawberry syrup. Oh, yes. It happened.

So, of that list, I would buy another eMachine if I wanted another desktop, which I don't. It was cheap and durable and easy to self-upgrade. Would I buy another Toshiba? Eh ... maybe while the kids are still little and I need it to keep on chugging no matter what (key-less and all). Later, no, probably not, because I do want to eventually have nice things and in my experience a Toshiba will probably not be "nice".

My husband buy parts for my computer and puts them together. As for laptops, I have been using Acer as it is affordable. As for the quality... it is not too bad but I do find myself going back to the service center at least once for each of the acer I own (I am using my 2nd acer lap top).

@Courtney Have had my ASUS for about a year and a half. I spent a lot mainly because I wanted the big screen but it was well worth it! I do have to say we a a "Tech Guy" (Leo Laporte) on the radio and he has a web site that I listen to all the time when I can and he highly recommended it-with comment on the fact that they are a little more expensive. My motto in everything is that you get what you pay for....I always go for the best even when there is more cost. That premise has always been good to me. Again, I absolutely love the ASUS and when my husband's Sony Vaio goes out we will definitely be getting an ASUS for him (will not necessarily be as big of a screen though). We have become an ASUS family.

As for the MAC my brother is an avid MAC guy. My younger sister has one and when doing things with her I have been convinced that I would NEVER get a MAC! Even though she has had a MAC for several years she still gets confused when navigating it - of course she is a computer novice still. They say they are easier but with my little dealings I am convinced that I will always be a PC girl!

@Janet, me too! Glad to know I'm not the only devoted PC-er here. I've played around with my mom's MAC, but I haven't been impressed enough to become a devoted iFan. I'm VERY happy with Windows 7.

Devoted PC lover here too. Built my own about 5 years ago. I like putting them together from scratch and that way I know exactly what's in there. And it's soooooo much easier to upgrade when it comes time. smiley

I usually like to put my own together, but the one I have now is an HP machine that I've tweaked and added to. We originally bought it for my husband's recording studio, but then about a month later he decided he wanted a lap top instead, so I inherited this machine. I'm about ready to build a new machine so I can use this one as my server to host my website, but that won't be for a few months.

I'm glad I'm not the only PC person out there.
Thank you for all the input. I had looked at Asus for a bit when I considered getting a laptop. I may reconsider the laptop idea.

I have had an HP desktop for several years and then I switched to a Dell laptop to be more flexible. Some months ago I was looking at the different IMacs but couldn't be convinced to change... I did quite some research in the Internet and went to see several options in stores. In the end I got another HP with a 23" touchscreen which I love. It's an all-in-one model like the IMacs are but a lot cheaper. For the moment I love it, especially the huge screen. My laptop still works perfectly and my husband is happy to have one with a big screen 17" lol.

I personally think that there should not be a "Mac is better than Windows or vice versa discusion". In the end it comes down to which program you are more confortable with working. I have Windows 7 now and am happy with it.

I personally think that there should not be a "Mac is better than Windows or vice versa discusion".

I agree. I think overall, it's what you are comfortable with, and a personal preference. There was a time when there were huge differences between the two, and on what they can do, but I think for the average user they are both great. Personally, I have been using a PC for almost 20 years, and I struggle every time I need to do something with my dad's Mac because I'm not used to how it works.

Oh, and as far as the obnoxious white tab holding the keys on: the Dell Vostro that we have has the same thing. I actually used super glue to glue the key to the rubber thing underneath. I hope that makes sense? In fact, the cat and toddler managed to break off two keys plus the rubber thing off one key. I glued them back on, and they are working, a little sticky sometimes, but better than nothing.

Gosh darn it Courtney, why didn't I think of that!? I super glue all sorts of things. I even super glue Barbie's shoes to her feet (hahaha, baby, I WIN!). Why didn't I think of gluing the keys to the rubber thingy!? If I still had the keys, I would so try it. Unfortunately I threw them away after a week of attempting and failing with the little plastic criss-cross thingies.

¿glued keys? That's fun! I use to love Mac but they are not affordable around here. I have a Dell with Windows Vista, but now I'm about to install one of the Linux distribution desktops. I've been using it at the office and is reliable and so much faster than Windows. The best thing is that Linux do not have virus troubles. Great discussion girls! Please excuse my english, I'll take some lessons to made this less painfull for you smiley

Sounds like you might as well start from scratch, including a new case, which has a new power supply. You may run into the plug connection being different on a new mother board. Save the older one for backup up or give to a child to learn on. This will also give you time to put together a new one without being down.

I used to build my own PC. I bought a Gateway which was a big disappointment. It did not last as long as the one I built.

I now keep a desktop behind my TV and use the TV as the monitor. It is great to not only watch Netflix, to do video conferences, or to watch as a group pictures and movies of our travels.

At the moment I have a Toshiba laptop. I did have 2 others that lasted a long time past the warranty. If I were to put a hard drive in it, it would still run. I do like the laptop I have to a point. It just does not do the job of a desk top, or handle the load, so I maintain both. But the laptop is portable. Would I buy another Toshiba, I am not sure I have been looking toward a couple of other brands. It was a big disappointment when after a couple of months it crashed and I had to restore it to the original state. Since than, and after upgrading the home version of Win 7 to Professional it has been fine.

My hubby has been in IT for about 30 yrs now, in various positions, with his strong strength on the hardware & network side. I really trust his judgment when it comes to computers.... We've had good luck with HP desktops... Whenever we've looked to upgrade to a new computer, we usually look to HP & have one built to our specifications. My latest one is the HP Phoenix. I like WinXP the best, but they're not supporting it anymore so we went with Win7 (don't like it as much, but Win8 is awful from what I hear so I won't be upgrading to that).

Lizanne, we are holding onto our XP computer as long as possible!
Judy: Which distro? I loaded one onto our other old laptop, and it worked for awhile with just internet, but it's about done.

@Courtney: we held onto our XP as long as we could, too... But, alas, it's not repairable & they aren't selling new systems w/XP (nor is Microsoft supporting XP anymore) so we had no choice. If we could've bought another XP we would have!

I have a Dell, have had it for about 3 years. I love it. Haven't had any problems with it, suits me for what I want to do.

We've always had Lenovos because that is what my husband's company provides him and when he wears them out, they get handed down, so we have a large Lenovo parts department at our house! They've all been good work horses,they put up with a lot. The main thing you are looking for if you do a lot of digital art stuff is to get as much RAM as you can afford. A big screen is good, but I use an LG monitor unless I'm travelling and then I realize how much more difficult it is to work without it. Good luck!

@LIzanne Killian -- I so miss XP. I have Windows 7 now and it regularly just flakes out and says, sorry I've got to close now. ;-[ annoying!

@Tina: I so know what you mean! Wish they'd go back to XP....

I'm a computer addict I think. I have a desktop (Windows Ultimate Edt) and two laptop. One of them is Lenovo which has Windows 7 (It's almost 3kg) and a MacBook Air and of course MacOs X. I can use both of the operation systems very well but I'm a Windows based computer geek.

I personally have owned Toshiba laptops and just hook it up to a monitor at the desk. Also have a nice wireless mouse and keyboard. I have been looking at the iMacs and dream about owning one. But that will be a huge leap from windows.

I had always used a pc from the days of windows 3.1 right up until windows 7. When laptops came out I always purchased top of the range sony vaio laptops until last year when I bought my first macbookpro, I have to say that I wasnt sure whether or not I would like it after using a windows based laptop and pc for so many years but it is the best thing I ever did! i find it to be far more superior to any windows computer I have ever used, so much easier to navigate and much less maintenance to do on it.
I had to get rid of my valuable paint shop pro program and other much loved programs that arent compatable with a mac and move onto CS6 instead but that was also one of the better moves I made too! My only regret is that I didnt do it years ago!!
Yes it took a few months to get used to the new system and I was looking to do things on the Mac that I used to do on the windows based laptops but help was always readily available and although I felt like giving up a few times, I am so glad I persevered with it!!

hi i have a desktop with windows 7 i love 7. smiley

LOL or your "Give a Mouse a Cookie" that has been one of my boy's favorite books. All our computers are purchased used from my dh's company recycle center and I'm looking forward to these responses because we are needing a new one soon.