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Teaching Resources

Hey Ladies-
Has anyone created teaching resources (work stations, class signs/anchor charts, ect?) using the PixelScrapper assets?

Hi! I'm a teacher too!
I've thought of using the assets here to do something but I feel young children are more into cartoons and cute graphics... Therefore I havent started on teaching resources. However I've used clustered frames to create certificates to give out to children.

If I were still homeschooling, I would be. And if my kids were still real young (whether I was homeschooling or not) I think I would probably create chore charts to put on my fridge. smiley

I haven't created, but I have plans.

I plan to mount a chore chart on the Star paper (The one with the big huge stars).
I plan to use the Beatrix Potter veggies for a spring lesson, and for a shopping list for my toddler.
I plan to use the sparkles, glitter, and cute stars for a lot of other projects.

So far, I keep getting distracting and coming here to look at the pretty new stuff instead of completing projects. Whoops! smiley

I'm going to school to teach but I haven't thought of that. I could probably use some assets for classroom decor. Idk how else I would use it with teens. LOL

Some of the alphabets would be useful on bulletin boards possibly.