Heart forum posts: vote on feature requests and more

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Heart forum posts: vote on feature requests and more

I have just implemented the ability to "heart" forum posts, in addition to designs and kits. "Hearting" something on Pixel Scrapper is just like "liking" things on other sites, like Facebook, or Pinterest: it's a way to show your support for things that you like or agree with.

I implemented this ability especially for the Feature Requests forum, so that people can "vote" for the features they would most like to see implemented by hearting those posts. The feature requests with the most hearts are going to be the ones that get implemented first, so go vote now!

To heart a topic, just click on the topic from the topics list within a given forum, and click on the "heart this" button:

You can also now see the number of hearts that each topic has received when browsing the forums, and sort by that if you'd like:

If you like this new feature, heart this announcement!

OH WOW!!! Say it backwards, WOW! so Totally smiley smiley smiley this new feature!

Thanks so much for again all the work!

I "heart" designs that I love and then un-heart them when I have downloaded them. I sure hope you and Marisa don't think that I really un-heart anything. lol This new feature in the forums sounds great! xoxox Beth

Wonderful idea. Great for organization, too.

Awesome!! once again you've just raised the quality and fun of this site another level!! thanks again for such an wonderful and friendly site smiley

What a great idea..thanks so much!!

Great Idea! Thank you smiley

Love this new feature! smiley smiley smiley from me!