World Backup Day

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World Backup Day

Did you know that March 31st is World Backup Day
It's a reminder to backup ALL your digital stuff from ALL your digital devices.

Ooh, good reminder! I don't know if I'll actually get it done tomorrow ... maybe during that ate-too-much lull in activity, right between lunch and the egg hunt.

Wow! I didn't know of such a day! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you Liz. I guess if I had money I´d get one of these offers to online storage backup... Well, later smiley

good reminder!! Thanks!

Oh wow, does this reminder come in handy (tyvm!).... We're currently in the process of trying to restore our data from our last 2 pcs to an external hard drive. Thankfully our drives weren't fried, as I didn't have a good backup... I had done a lot of genealogy research & didn't want to lose all that information... smiley Crossing my fingers it all comes through!

I've been working on backing up. I was almost finished in time for the day.

If I wasn't busy spring cleaning I would do it. That has to go on my to do list. right now I am on a break. So far I feel like nothing has been accomplished.

That's pretty cool. Missed it this year but it really should be an on going thing.

You know thats something I used to forget to do, or should I say, never find the time to do, then I dropped my external drive with all my digital designs on, the disc was unrecoverable, and I had to start again from scratch, an expensive and heartbreaking lesson for me smiley i have to say I religiously back up now every month on to 2 devices sp the same doesnt happen again!