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Mulitple Selections for Filters

Hi Jordaan and Marisa, just wanting to know is it possible to get a function where you can choose multiple "filter by" options. For example, you can choice Shape Mask and Photo Mast at the same time or Brad and Demask and Circles.

Right now you can filter by as many tags as you want. But it will only show the tags that are available. If I choose the tag "argyle" it will then only show the remaining tags, so you know what options you actually have. So it's doing an "AND" search. At this time if you want to do an "OR" search (argyle OR damask) you just have to do them separate. We're trying to keep the search easy to use while also being as powerful as we can make it.

Okay, thank you for your reply smiley

@Caryn: the problem is, there's no really easy way to allow both "AND" filtering and also "OR" filtering, without things getting somewhat confusing... so as Marisa said, right now it's all "AND" filters.

Thanks so much for your feedback smiley

Maybe I've just missed it somewhere, but is there a way to search products by price (credits)? Thanks.

@Cheryl: unfortunately, not at this time.

The good news is that the cost of most items is simple and easy to remember (for example, all assets are 1 DC for PU or 2 DC for CU). See the bottom of this page for more detailed pricing info: