April Paper a Day Challenge: Week 1

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Here's my template, enjoy!


I made two papers, one arty/grungy and one simple and straightforward (that's the challenging one for me! I have to remind myself that other people might occasionally like to have something that isn't smudged and smeared and scratched and torn...). I followed the tutorial Marisa linked to for making polka dot patterns, which I have never done before (made my own pattern, that is). No full-size downloads at this time, I'll see how far I get with this challenge and then figure out what I want to do with it all.

@Molly - I think your "Wow" might be because you thought my paper was the image I posted earlier; I can see why you might think that since it has a polka dot background. But alas that is just the image that goes with the palette I chose, I am not anywhere near that kind of incredible artist! You can see why it inspired me, though.

@Lorien & Emily - thank you so much for the templates!

I made a paper for today,but I am having some problems posting from my end, so I will try to post it tomorrow. Hopefully my issue will be resolved by then.

Very nice Violet... I kinda like the grungy look myself and have to make sure all my papers are not grunged up too much. I guess I like the feel of texture that it gives.

OK, I think I got everything in working order. Here is my paper for today and my color palette:



Will have all papers made at end of the month in a download for you. Decided to do 2 today trying my hand at making patterns.. trying to perfect it.. LOL
This is a 600X600 preview only

Gorgeous papers!!
And thanks for the template!


Directions for posting images are here: http://www.pixelscrapper.com/forum/general-discussion/posting-imagesphotos-forums

You can use any preview you'd like, this isn't anything official. But if you need help getting started you can download this template and watch this tutorial.

Papers a pretty much always 12x12 at 300 dpi

Theme for today is posted! Keeping things simple with STRIPES! Really great work yesterday with all the spectacular polka dot patterns. If you didn't get yours up yet, it's not too late to share!

Also I'm thinking when this is over to collect links and images for everyone's finished paper packs (if you're going to have it offered somewhere).

Oooo, I so wish it was allready wednesday...
I don't have time to scrap today...
How long do we have the time to make the papers before you close the topic? The complete week?

Here my part of the second paper, I love this challenge!!!!

Looks awesome Jessica smiley

Here are my stripes:

Today, I made this template:

If you want, you can download it on psd or png format. Yes, I´m spoiling you all. It´s a giveback for the generousity I receive here smiley CU okay.

to make my paper with this pattern, I used Brooke´s Grunge 001 paper template as overlay, and distressed the borders with blending options. It´s only a very low resolution sample:

Yes! I found some time today! (This is so addictive)

Can anyone participate in this challenge? I'm no designer but i like to work on my skills and this is a great way to get inspiration and practice to make my own papers.

I finished the two papers. It is so great to try something new every day.

I choose this color palette

[img] Uploaded with ImageShack.us[/img]

Here are the previews.

[img] Uploaded with ImageShack.us[/img]

[img] Uploaded with ImageShack.us[/img]

LOVE IT! Color, texture, pattern, fun! Good Job!


Pending all good things (time), I hope to have a template bundle and paper bundles each week on the blog!

All the templates will be .png overlays.

@Moontje - yes, anyone and everyone can participate! Most of us are not designers, either; it seems like mostly we're either just starting out or just doing this for fun.

ok, so here's mine. I think it's easier to wait till the end of the month for the download.
This is the palette i use :

Here's my day 2.

here's my day 2 smiley

I'm catching up already smiley

My palette:

My dotted:

My Stripe:

Day 2 Preview.. Paper pack will follow at end

Here is my striped paper (with a little fun flower).


I won't be able to finish the month out but I couldn't resist for the few days I can contribute.
This is the palette I've chosen.


Download available at month's end.

Wow...I'm loving these papers!! I need to get on the ball and try to get something made.

Here is what I've done so far for day 1 and 2. I've been having too much fun. My pallet is basically the polka dot paper. And I got them posted to my blog this time, so I can post everything on pixel scrapper correctly! I love it when technology works.

I'm a day late!

Here is my version of Polka Dots for April 1:



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