What should be in the gallery?

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What should be in the gallery?

There's been some talk of allowing creations beyond digital scrapbooking layouts in the Pixel Scrapper gallery...

If we were to expand the gallery, or create additional galleries, beyond digital scrapbooking layouts, what would you most like to look at and upload to?

Please comment if you have any thoughts!

Hybrid Scrapping
33% (11 votes)
30% (10 votes)
Paper Scrapping
30% (10 votes)
24% (8 votes)
None: I would prefer the gallery to stay limited to digital scrapbooking layouts.
24% (8 votes)
Other digital projects (invitations/cards, business cards, logos, etc...)
18% (6 votes)
Other Projects
9% (3 votes)
Total votes: 33

Would prefer these different categories to have their own galleries, rather than have the digital scrapbooking gallery expanded to accommodate them.

I'd like to see anything made digitally added to the gallery. I'd rather not have photos of other projects, at least right now.

Being that I'm a complete crafter at heart, I would love to see sub-galleries for hybrid and/or paper scrapping/projects.

And... the fact that my first love is photography. I would love to see a sub-gallery for photography (maybe at a later date for additional future challenges) smiley

Note : that I agree with Lizanne's idea of them being different or sub-type categories though, not all mixed in together, would get too confusing I think.

I would like to see a separate gallery for photography...I love looking at photos!

I like Shawna's idea of sub galleries for other things like hybrid scrapping, photography and so on

I think that if any other thing is added other than digital scrapbooking pages it should be in another gallery/folder by itself.

I personally like the idea of keeping it digital but expanding to cards etc; however I am not against anything being added (because everything I've seen so far has been great!)

I would love to see hybrid cards added but I agree with the other posters - a separate gallery would be ideal. That way, everyone can still view just what they want to see and not have to sort through everything else. The more searchable or customizable the options, the better! Since I am not a scrapper, at this time I can't upload any of my projects to the gallery. I'm ok with that, since I joined this group knowing that.

ditto on sub/secondary categories so that everything is seperated

Since some of the elements here can be used on hybrid layouts, I'd love to see those as well. Since I scraplift both ways with paper and digital, that seems fine to me.

Personally, I don't want to see a lot of other projects included. I think if someone is looking for invitations, or looking for cards there are a lot of forums for that, or you could request to see things, and people can upload to flickr and share the link. (Since Marisa is nice and doesn't exclude links!)

Another vote for sub-galleries here!