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Thanks for all the great stuff

Thank you all for the splendid work with the BlogTrain. downloading right now!

@Christine: Keep trying! It seems there is a real run on my downloads, but in a couple of days I suspect things will 'cool down' a little. So please keep trying Christine, April is a long month smiley

I just love your kit and alpha you are offerring for this blog train... So beautyful!! But i have try wrar... i dont even find it in my computer... i have tried everything for an hour and nothing work's.... Please help!!!!! I wont your kit so!!

Thank's so much

chantal cloutier

Thank's so much to all of you for this wonderful blog train... The kits are just has beautyful one after the others.... Thank's for sharing your work...:-)

Cat Armstrong - Sorry to hear that, haven't got over there yet but on my way!!l
I Just Wonted You TO Know I Love Your Green Star Cat It is so cute Tina

Thank you! There were more comments as the day went on. Its not at all what I expected and I think it came across as complaining, but I really wasn't. I was just overwhelmed by how many visitors I actually got. I've never had that many people visit my blog in one day. smiley I was just too tired to come back and clarify my post. smiley

@Cat, I'm still processing through my download, ~ I go back after I get mine all unzipped and comment. I will say that I loved how you made the wings on the bees translucent looking.

@Chantal . . . I apologize again for the inconvenience. Newer versions of WinZip can open RAR files. I just downloaded the free version from here and installed it on my computer to test it and make sure I am not misleading you. You do not have to pay for it. You can download it for free and make use of the evaluation version and it will unzip the RAR files I have shared.

If this does not answer your questions, you can always Google for more information if I am not explaining this so you can understand. There are tutorials on downloading, installing, and unzipping/un-raring files on-line that might prove far more helpful than anything I can type to you here.

Thanks again for your kind words. I am thrilled you want my part of the blog train and i am sorry it is causing you so much trouble.

wow...Ladies, I'm still downloading things from the Blog Train! I've unzipped most of them now as well, and glanced through them. Everything looks SOOO GREAT! I don't work outside the home, and yesterday, I didn't even work inside the home- exept for getting hot drinks for a sick teen, though he slept till 2pm! I was glad we had soup and brisket left-overs for dinner so I didn't have to cook and could just play with getting the Blog Train kits!

Todays assignments:
1) Downloading the last 5 or so, and getting those on BOX which I couldn't get on my never displays correctly from that site.
2) Checking TOU's and tagging stuff in Picasa so I can use them properly!
3) commenting on what I enjoyed the most from designers!
Well, it might be Wednesday before I get to #3. Don't think hubby will want brisket 3 days in a row! lol

I loved seeing everyone's pieces. What an awesome group for my first blog train! I used Google Drive and I think it was downloadable in one file-if people had problems will you let me know?

Thank you ladies for all the wonderful creations you are sharing. What a wonderful train.

Can someone please tell me how to get Mollys #24 as it goes to a weird site and asks me to log in. I can't find any download links for it.

Thanks again everyone, Lana

Thanks for your parts everyone! Hopefully I didn't miss anyone! You all really knocked this out of the park. smiley

I'm having the same problem as Lana ... can't get Molly's #24

I am unzipping and leaving comments while downloading, so I haven´t downloaded many parts yet. Guess I´ll take some time to finish it too!

Thanks Melissa. I even went to her blog and facebook. nothing there. smiley Hope it gets fixed so we can have it along with the other great pieces.

I too had problems with Molly's and I also had problems with one of Melo's downloads. I'll try again later.

However, I've been through the list, and I must say, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! So fun! Hopefully, I remembered to leave "thanks" where I could - if I couldn't or forgot - just know I appreciate each and every contribution!

It was also fun to learn about other designers and this thing called "art journaling" - which I started learning about from Violet's blog. Gonna have to research that some more. I like the artsy look of it. I get caught up in my own little world sometimes, and don't always realize what other things are being done/designed.

Again, great job everyone! Really excited to finish unzipping and exploring all the files!! smiley

Thanks Brooke and I agree, Amazing!

Thank you for the many wonderful kits!

This blog train is a pleasure to ride. Everyone has created such wonderful art. I am very thankful and have left thanks on as many face book pages as possible. Cat I left a message on your face book page. I hope you can find it.
I did have trouble with opening downloads. Janet I have 3 of yours that didn't download and unzip. smiley I had a couple others that did not work as well. What am I doing wrong? I have an old computer? It is still use my XP, I am thinking about upgrading. I need advice, I don't want to miss out on using all the beautiful artwork.

Whew! Finally made it through the whole list! I just wanted to let those of you without blogs know that I love and appreciate your work!

Thank you all for the efforts. Still have to unzip and organize but that has been added to my to do list.

@ Judy...I have an old Windows XP system as well. I've had at least 5 downloads that I had to redo, because when I tried to unzip they told me the file was corrupt. After a swinging back to those sites, I've been able to get most of them to work again. Still have 2 that I've yet to unzip and verify. So I guess I'd say try downloading them again if you can. Sometimes I think my trouble is a blend of and old system and perhaps not the best internet. We went high speed only 3 years ago, before that move we were only able to get dial-up. But then there are levels of High Speed access as well. Make a note of which ones you've had trouble with, and if you still are having trouble, I'd comment specifically here and on their sites. I'm sure they'd want to try and help you get a good file you can use...said as a first time contributor. Part of what I've been doing since I posted my portion was watching my blog AND here to see if anyone is having troubles with my files, or if anyone else had troubles at the few I had to go back to and try a second download at. I guess I've just seen and had so much troubles with computers that I expect a few glitches here and there, especially in SUCH A BIG blog train! I'm just so pleased with large participation and quality! smiley

TYVM to everyone for sharing wonderful goodies, awesome brushes, papers and ellies. All of you do an amazing art and every month I was surprised with the fantastic kits. I adore the art journal and mixed media so I simply felt in love with the kits from Lou Anne and Violet.

I forgot: Molly smiley It's impossible with tumblr. I tried to follow all the steps but stays asking me to enter the captcha +10 times, I got exhausted.

Laura and Judy,
I too get the file is corrupt message, but it is only because i am using Windows and the corrupted files are Mac.
When the message box appears telling me that the file is corrupt I just ignore/close it, I never click cancel. The file will then open ok.

This post is for all the generous designers whom I couldn't leave a message for on your blog.... smiley

@Saskia: Your part of the train is real cute - tyvm! smiley I would have left a comment on your blog, but I am not a subscriber to AIM, Google, WordPress, etc. (sorry).

@Jill: I left a message on your blog, but I don't think it took so thought I should leave thanks in here, too, just in case. smiley The honey splat was very cute, btw!

@Tina: Had a problem leaving a message on your blog, too (doesn't like the Name/URL selection maybe?), so thought I should say thank you in here, too, just in case. smiley

@Harriet: Tyvm! Love the lattice papers & that spring WA... Any chance you have the splat (that's behind the WA) available for d/l, too? (crossing my fingers)

@Shelly: Tyvm! I really like the papers you created... I would have left a comment on your blog, but I am not a subscriber to AIM, Google, WordPress, etc. (sorry).

@Lorien: Great job - I really like what you created! Those hummingbirds are real cute!

@Sunny: Tyvm! I really like the bohemian print you put on some of your elements (like the bird) - it's cute!

@Laura: Tyvm! My favorite part of your kit were the monotone journaling cards you talked about in your blog entry - I really like them - simple, understated, yet beautiful...

@Lou Anne: I don't know if this is your first time designing or not, but you did a great job - thanks for sharing! I would have left a comment on your blog, but I am not a subscriber to AIM, Google, WordPress, etc. (sorry).

@Molly: Your papers are really cute - tyvm!

@JanetScott: Wow, it looks like you put together a fabulous kit! Hopefully I can get my son to d/l it for me, since I'm not on FB... (yup, I'm one of those - I want no part of FB smiley )

Thank you so much ladies for all your wonderful kits. I love this color palette and the theme. I'm new to digital scrapbooking and I don't have the best program quite yet, but I am super excited to add your kits and alphas to my stash. Thank you again smiley

love the colors, love the theme, love to meet some new designers! thankyou very much !!!

well, for me when I get to looking at most of the downloads that are "corrupt" they are not the right size. For some reason the download just stops at like 3,000Kb when the file is supposed to be 38 MB. But I rarely get any failure message on the download part. Could be Chrome browser or my internet provider. At least those were the issues I had this time. I don't recall which ones they were as to whether or not they had the Mac files in them...hmmm...I'll have to see if I can figure that out.

Well, since I number the kits so this OCD, (no CDO'er), can keep things straight and not miss anything...I just left them in while I went through to comment on things and say thanks! I left a few messages on the blogs, but honestly it's easier to copy and past my txt file from my log on the blog train and post all at once here.
#1 Pixel Scrapper ~ thanks for hosting and allowing us first timers to throw our stuff in the pot with the rest of you! I had 371 blog page views just since April, and this on a brand new blog! Also LOVE how several have joined Pixel Scrapper apparently because of the blog train! (okay, so now that I've got number #1 done, I can start counting. lol)
#2 Marisa ~ again, wonderful designs! Loved how you gave us the hexagons as tags/journal cards.
#3 Saskia ~ loved the scattering of the flowers, and I've got to use those brackets!
#4 Melouise ~ loved your felting and stitching WOW! so sorry I missed Sugar Butts tutorials on felting and stitches...ugh! BUT you did a Fantastic job!
#5 Brandi ~ your alphabet looks simply delicious - they just remind me of spring time and after school cookie snacks!
#6 Jill ~ loved the index file! I'm just an office supply nut I guess. The flowers with the feel of stain glass and pearls! wonderful.
#7 Jenn ~ loved all the journaling and desktop papers! and the ornate brad.
#8 Harriett ~ that lattice work! and I'm sure I'll find a place for your row of tulips and flowers! Oh the dancing varigated notes!
#9 Shelly ~ I really like the scroll work on the journal card.
#10 Emily ~ your corner swirls, and Alphabet! I also liked the hearts and swiggle on the flower petals, very original.
#11 Dana ~ you did a great job with the coloring on that honeycomb paper. They just say "Scrap with Me" for so many reasons. Love the eggs as well!
#12 Brooke ~ thanks for the brushes! I love the playfulness of the sketches! Speaks of spring and picnics with the kids!
#13 Lorien ~ loved the humming birds, and so will my grandmother! I also like the word art/quotes and papers.
#14 Tina Anderson ~ loved especially the journal card and banner.
#15 Sunny ~ I love the patterns on the elements and polariod frame. So glad you included the butterflies as well!
#17 Tina C ~ liked your ivy / leaves and the journal cards...also the peachy/yellow papers on the right of your sample really turned out great!
#18 Lou Anne ~ WOW, so much stuff for your first time! I really loved the cut out words and quotes! Papers are goreous!
#19 Sharon ~ I really loved your heart frame!
#20 Kaleena ~ You did a great job with your papers, especially liked the square patterned and your texture choice.
#21Cat ~ loved your layered floral elements!
#22 Jodi ~ loved your baby, and frames!
#23 Isa ~ I love your "dictionary" paper effect, it turned out just lovely!
#24 Molly ~ I'd love to see your full design, especially the darker brown paper...are you going to be able to post a link that will allow us not to have to join tumblr? I've just been so busy lately that I've not yet taken the time to jump through all those hoops.
#25 Denise ~ loved your Seuss mini theme! the feathers are great!
#26 Celeste ~ I just really loved that Bee badge! now that's a bee item I can use and not be worried over! Loved the patterns in your papers as well, especially the clouds.
#27 Holly Wood ~ loved your use of hearts in the designs, especially in the trees!
#28 Violet ~ thanks for those wonderful bird splats! lol. I especially liked the map bird! Thanks for introducing us to the art journaling stype! I love it! Thanks for the links to those that inspired you, I've read through your journaling page, but look forward to having some time to investigate your inspiration links.
#29 Nadia ~ especially loved your bird frame 1/journal card, I also really liked the your coloring effect on paper 1 with those orange birds!
#30 Shelia ~ your owl was so cute! Thanks
#31 Janet ~ Loved so many things, like there wasn't enough to Thanks for including the wood papers! your Teal Birds in Corner paper, all those Borders! When I scrapped in the real world, that's what I used a lot of, but for some reason I've not used them in the virtual scrapping I've got some to head back to! I really like the corners and spatter border. Oh, I almost forgot those clothes pins! I use them for everything, but laundry around my house, now I can scrap with them as well!
#32 Jemiah ~ Love the rose and journal card. Thanks for sharing!

WOW! Very Successful Blog Train! Cudos!

Hi Jasmine,

I know what you mean about the hard-drive space issue. I'm using a fairly new (about 1-1/2 years old) laptop with a pretty good-sized hard drive (650MB). In addition, I have two 1TB EHDs and a 250MB EHD. You would think with all that storage capacity, I would have enough, but enough is never enough when it comes to collecting and storing scrapbook art!!! smiley