Creating a Patterned Ribbon Tut

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Creating a Patterned Ribbon Tut

I love having ribbons when I use a kit so much so that I end up making some out the paper it has. This tutorial will show you how it's done. I placed it on my blog here:

Please feel free to ask any questions here.

Thanks for this great tut Denise! smiley

I've used it a few times allready.
Here is one of my results:"

Love how you used your challenge paper for it! Looks awesome smiley

Thank you SO much for this tutorial smiley Bookmarked it to try out tonight.

@Danise FYI The link to this tutorial does not work

I don't know if its okay for me to post the link here. But if you backtrack to Denise's homepage, there's a link there to her blog and the tutorial is posted there.

@Denise the link for your paper ribbon tute does not work. It gives an internal server Error

i love to learn how to make ribbons but it didn't work since the link is broken smiley