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Tartan designer

For anyone who loves the tartan a nice site where you can design your own tartans:

That's a great website. Thanks for sharing.

Oh yes, it's great. I have actually used it for some time now, but must admit that I never got to lean the "easy way" to use it in PSE = not having to put the small squares together manually.

Anyone out there who could tell me?

I'd love to know, too. I use PSP & attempted to do it once with floodfill - big mistake. Like you, I had to put the squares together manually, with everything on 400% so I could line up the lines correctly.

Great site... It'll help a lot when I don't have patience to do it manually... smiley

Great fun smiley Thanks for sharing

Cool! Thank you for sharing with us!

oh awesome! thanks!!!

I use PSP also and never had a problem with it coming out correctly. Perhaps once the PSP forum comes to life we could share some tips. smiley

That's a really cool site, thanks smiley