Problem with download credits [fixed]

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Problem with download credits [fixed]

Yesterday I had 8 DC. I used 3 from it. When I logged in today I have 6 DC.
Right now I have 15 CP. Isn't it that I was supposed to get free 6 DC today or everyday.
Or these 6 DC are actually my free DC for a day, then what about my 3 previous DC??


Just earned 5 points and now I've 20 CP

Naz, if you are at the level of community points that awards you 6 when you login for the day you need to spend those 6 that day because as of the beginning of the next calendar day you will start off with 6 again. Your download credits don't continue to build from what was left the day before. It's a "use them or lose them" situation.

Your community points, however.. do continue to build based on your participation on the site and will increase the number of dc's you are awarded each day.

I hope this makes sense.

am I right Marisa? everyone feel free to correct me in case I messed this up ! smiley


you´re right Katie. As Naz has 20 cps she´ll get 6DCs everyday, but they don´t stay for the next day if they arent used. I Guess this link helps to explain how stuff works.

Also, it seem confusing in the beginning, but, as soon as you get used, its very simple.

I will change this topic to a more apropriate forum, ok?

@Katie, Lorien: Thanks for the helpful (and correct) explanations. And thanks for moving the thread Lorien.

Thank you Katie, Lórien, and Jordan this is really helpful! smiley

I totally didnt know that, thanks!