April Paper a Day Challenge: Week 1

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Super papers everyone! I've just posted today's theme, and tomorrow's as well, since Friday is my day off.

Here's my paper for today


Here is my 4th paper:

Here are my hearts. This one was hard, I am not a fan of hearts in general. I think the second one is not a paper so much, though... It's hard to imagine what someone could use it for. Oh well, lots of experimenting, that's why this is fun!

I wasn't sure I'd like creating a heart paper...don't know why. I was wrong...turns out I liked it enough to make a set of heart papers in each of the colors in my pallet. smiley

Violet, i dont know if the "hearth" is usefull for Digital Scrabooking, but you have my respect forever, from now on! smiley

Here are my flowers:

Janet, i love your colors! and Marisa your papers look sp fun!! i love all the work, colors and individuality of these papers and can't wait to use them! smiley here's my Day 4 - Flowers

I have my flowers here:

Love all the papers so far. I am in the process of getting ready and selling two houses. Plus a vacation in there somewhere this month, but I would like to contribute some papers. Then figure out how to do links so I can share.

Violet - I LOVE the real heart! I would totally use it.

@Elizabeth, thanks so much! I'm a huge fan of vibrant colors...so this seemed right up my alley for a first paper kit where I choose the color scheme. smiley

All of the designs are fantastic!! I love these. Have never tried to create paper, and I don't have time to participate in this challenge; but I'm getting wonderful ideas and you have all inspired me to give it a try!

My hearts. Still working on the flowers, i thought hearts was difficult.....
Great papers everybody, one theme but different kind of beautiful papers.

Okay, here are my flowers:

I couldn't decide, and since I can participate only 3 more days, I'm hoping it's okay that I submit two papers today.
And since I did lace yesterday also......
I used pressed flowers from the Scrapping Cop.

Here's my hearts paper

Flower papers (I made 3 versions)

Leaf papers (also 2 of them)

No more playing tomorrow, so I'm putting up my leaves today.

Wow, everyone is so talented. There are definitely some techniques I want to ask about, particularly for getting texture into paper, but also about working with lace, patterns, etc. Once I have a little more time to sit down and write individual comments, there will be questions coming for you!

Thanks so much to everyone for the comments, and I am glad to hear that at least a couple people would find the arty anatomical heart useful!

Here are my flowers for the day:

Day 03: Hearts

Yeah, I´m one day behind you. hope to keep up soon.

Violet, i dont know if the "hearth" is usefull for Digital Scrabooking, but you have my respect forever, from now on!

Ladies and gentleman, my husband :p

Please Violet, make the realistic heart available somewhere after the challenge so I can have a page made for this crazy boy. Also have a biologist friend who will love it.

I hope it's alright if I leap in a little late. What with the wedding (my daughter got married the 21st March), visitors the following week, I have got out of the loop.

I love your colours Janet

This one is personal use only.

This one is personal use only.


This is so much fun! I can see that my stash of papers is going to overflow once I can start downloading these gorgeous papers. Beautiful, beautiful papers!

Ooh Harriet, I'm loving your papers so far. They couldn't be more different from my color scheme...but really do love them. They'd be perfect for a vintage album that I need to put together one day.

@Emily...love your templates! I know how much work goes into those!

@Angela, thanks so much!

Here's my floral pattern. I didn't intend on doing a set, but the template took quite a while to get done...so it seemed a shame to not quick do each of the colors. The flower Photoshop shapes are from this awesome site. There's tons of resources there!

Here is my floral paper:



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