Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! I thought it would be fun to see what everyone is up to today, especially if you're doing something exciting. Although, even if you are like us and doing the usual, post a pic of that!

Jordan and I working hard. Our candle is apple scented and that's about as much fall as we get here.

Oh the computer geek in me just love this picture smiley
Here's mine smiley Tried to get one of me in it but there's no one home to take the picute so this will have to due smiley
Yesterday i got my new computer, so i spent most of my day putting it together and installing smiley You can't tell i love pink right smiley

I'm so impressed you can share an office space with your husband. At our house one of us is really super neat-freak tidy (coughcough*me) and the other? Not so much. Therefore....

Today? No pic (too boring) but I worked out at CrossFit and now I'm cleaning house and doing laundry and trolling the PixelScrapper forums. Not getting much housework done...

BTW - super awesome freebie in the newsletter. Everyone should sign up for it.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everybody! No pic from me either, i did the same as Tina, cleaning my house, laundry etc. now making diner, unfortunately we don't celebrate Halloween over here that much.

I crossed off the month of October on my calendar - only two more months left, until my retirement date (Dec. 31, 2012). I worked at the office until 4:00 in the afternoon, then came home and took an hour nap - it was divine! I started a new backup on my various hard drives. I also talked to my daughter about what color to paint the new kitchen. Downloaded some new assets from Pixelscrapper, and now feeling pretty mellow and ready to start a new layout.

@Sunny: Congrats on the upcoming retiremnet!!!

Me: I did pretty much the same as the ladies, except I had a Dr's appointment (instead of cleaning the house) smiley AND was lazy (didn't cook supper either), had hubby take me out for Zaxby's... hee, hee... Guess it wasn't anything like you "working" ladies did today. smiley Does that mean I have to actually DO something around here tomorrow???

When I saw the tread, I thought "Ok, later I´ll take a picture of the pet shop I´m working in to show the girls". But - fortunatelly - we hadn´t spare time yesterday noon - when the sheepdog - yes, a sheepdog - that takes shower every Wednesday was almost ready, appeared a super-cute Lhasa Apso baby that was with lots of knots in her fur - poor her! Then, when she was gone, it was time to go back home smiley.

Had a Dr appointment (was that Halloween enough), did food shopping and picked up a couple of items for xmas.
I also had an appointment for a haircut but I cancelled that otherwise I would have had to wait over 2hrs and DH is not one for window shopping or waiting so I rebooked for Monday.


At our house one of us is really super neat-freak tidy (coughcough*me) and the other? Not so much.
I'm like you, DH has his paperwork everywhere, kitchen breakfast bar, kitchen counter benchtop, telephone table, dining room. This is despite having a dedicated office. smiley