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DigiScrap Connect website

Does anyone know if this website went out of business or closed down?

I had went in the past there about every other month they did a really nice blog train. I also like them on FB and it seems like no post since November... but I thought in Nov I did a Fall Blog Train? I can't find any links on google that says they were actually closing. I've tried for a few days though now to no avail. Any info would be nice... especially if I missed an announcement about the closing through the holidays. smiley

Thanks, Shawna

I believe they are having technical difficulties, and I'm not sure when the site will be back up. I used to take part in the blog train, and the site went down in the middle of whenever the last one was, maybe December....

that's good to know... I thought it wasn't that long ago I visited... So, I'll just keep them in my bookmarks for now. smiley

So, anyone know if it's safe to assume they are done for good or not yet? I've went to the Facebook page many times and there hasn't been an update since the end of November. I just keep getting the parked for free message by GoDaddy.com at the main websites link.

Have any of you designers that are part of one of those official Designer Only type forums familiar with or heard anything about what's happened to DigiScrap Connect? I used to love their blog trains... but it's weird that we never heard anything at all about them going away. Usually there's a warning or an o.m.gosh our website host crashed or such and such???

Most of the designer forums are pretty dead. Everything seems to have moved to Facebook groups, which I'm not part of. Too disorganized for my liking. I did search the designer forum at DigishopTalk and didn't find anything about DSC, other than that people couldn't access it. I'd guess after all this time it must be gone for good, but that's just a guess.

@Brandi: that's what I thought too maybe... too bad.

I know totally what you mean about FB. I have the hardest time keeping it all organized. I do recently really like the groups and the interests options to make your own "sections" now though. It is very helpful! I have one set up for quilting/sewing, one for cutter files(cricut/wishblade), one for digi FREEBIE listers, one for local places I like where I live(restaurants, etc), one for family/friends, and one for designers I watch occasionally. I just absolutely don't have time to watch everyone, every day so the new way I can just click on my interest for the day and see all the ones related to that topic.

Hope that gives you a tip if you do get interested back in FB.

I just got a note when the site crashed, and nothing since since then. Although it seems like the URL has been abandoned, so I would guess that's maybe the end.