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Oh my - where to start, this was such a full train this month! Huge thank yous to everyone involved in designing and organising this train - I loved the colours and the theme.

A special thanks to Harriet and Holly who don't have blogs so I could not leave a comment. Such beautiful, pretty kits! (I hope I left a comment everywhere else that I downloaded. . I use kits for cardmaking and some kits I did not download because they were not what I would use but a huge thank you to the designers anyway - the more kits the more fun the train is and ALL the kits were lovely and I enjoyed seeing them all. As someone who does not know how to even make a paper, I am amazed at your talent and creativity.

Everything went smoothly except the google drive Harriett which (thanks to the tips in this thread) I find was my own ignorance - I liked the kit so much I just sat there and downloaded it piece by piece in the end LOL I now know how it should have been done.

Molly - I could not make your link work - sorry - but thank you anyway.

I'm off to organise all my folders now - I love organising LOL!! Great job ladies!

Laura Wellinghoff - can I just say, what a lovely post! I am sure we all found things we loved about each of the kits (they were all so good) but you took the trouble to mention something in every single one! That is so nice of you.

I am loving all these kits, Thanks so much to you creative people. Is anyone else having trouble opening Tina's # 14? Keep getting an error message and have tried downloading twice to no avail.

Many thanks to the designers! beautiful colors and generosity.

Thank you for the blog train. Unfortunately the designers that use the website for their download links won't work for me. I can't get any of the downloads from the GE.TT website. All other website hosts have worked. Thanks again.

That's weird, GE.TT should work on every platform / browser. Doesn't it work at all or was I out of bandwith? (that happened a few times already, there are just too many people downloading). If you can specify your troubles, maybe I can help. Or, if all else fails, send me an e-mail on and I'll send you a direct link to the download.

Beautiful kits.


Is your kit for commerial use? Sorry, I could not tell.

Adore your bees.

Lou Anne,

Your kit is so elegant, love it!


Love your Birds and Bees.


Your Owl is so Adorable!

Brooke, Your bird cages are very nice. Love the baby birds.

Could not download Denise and Lorien.

I am having trouble with Emily's part. When I click on download from Box, it tells me there is an incorrect password or file not found. Also cannot get Melouise's part yet, but I'll keep trying. Love this blog train! Thank you again, ladies.

Oh my goodness everyone. Thank you so much for the hours and hours that you have put into your kits. They are all so beautiful. xoxox Beth

Could not download Denise and Lorien.

Why? What happened when you tried? You tried both direct download and google drive? Since I´m changing my file serving method I really need to know if it works.

Some people asked me how I have setted direct download. A group of designers I know from SNP forum made a plan on a file storage site so all could offer them and shared the price, after some users got virus from Mediafire on their last blog train. It cost US 4,50 a year for each person. But the system is still in test. So, if it´s not going well, I´d like to feedback them as soon as possible, because lots of portions for SNP blogtrain, lauching in 10 days, will be on that server.

@Judy Underhill, I think you were talking about 3 of my files that you weren't able to download (I know there's more than one Janet here on the site). Did you ever have any luck? If not, please let me know which ones you had trouble with and I'll see whether I can help you out. smiley

@Laura, did you get your download troubles sorted? If any of my files are causing trouble, don't hesitate to contact me!

@Lizanne, did you manage to get the Facebook download? If not, you can head directly to this site. Just know that there are 9 parts plus 2 alpha files as well.

It downloaded a kit I already have, I will try again.

Brandi, your alpha's are great.

Lorien, I tried again and it worked, sorry for your trouble. Love the kits, Thank you!

I tried Denise and Melouise's kits and It worked.

Denise, I love your feathers and the cluster frame.

Melouise, your puffy bees and owls, other birds are adorable, thank you!

@Janet: Yeah, I've gotten everything now. And unzipped and verified. That's part of why I kept a log, I wait until I can see the items then comment on them.

Funny thing though, I had to add another option for my downloads, as someone commented last night at the blog that they weren't getting the pages at Google Drive to load all the way. So I added a Dropbox option. I was at my desktop, so I downloaded and then uploaded the files to Dropbox. This morning I want to toy around with offering another journal card, and I opened up MY zips that I had just downloaded on the desktop and MY ZIPS were asking ME for a password before it would unzip! I just finished with a skype call to my father who checked them out on his Windows 7 system (I've got Windows XP ver 2002 here.) He was able to get them ALL fine, unzipped and we even set up his Picasa to track PNG I was checking out the tagging for my elements. Go figure, Murray's Law loves me and my computers!

SOoooo if anyone has unzipped my files and CAN'T...let me know, please.

Thank you for all the designers, whose art and time are invaluable gifts!!

Mollyscraps, your papers are beautiful, but I think the link is not working properly.
I hope you can fix it!!!


I am not fond of Mediafire because of all the ads and the fact that many times my ESET security blocks those ads/downloads. I recently started a blog for the blog trains that I participate in and Mediafire seemed to be one that many like to use. When I set up my blog I finally decided to not use the "free" Mediafire but found that they have a "personal" subscription that costs only $1.50 a month or $18.00 per year....and it is a direct download! No ads!!! How great is that for only $1.50 a month. I want it to be easy for others to safely download what I offer. Only problem I had was that I had not properly set up the links (I had nine) and once I corrected that it seems to be working just fine. Just a thought for those of you participating in BTs and can afford it.

I've been able to get all of the April Blog Train Pieces. I LOVE Blog Trains. And I especially want to thank all of the very talented Designers that share their time and talents with others so willingly.

@Laura, glad to hear you got all of the downloads. Bummer about people having trouble downloading yours. If it makes you feel better, I was able to get all of the goodies in one shot without any trouble (thanks to your tutorial).

@Janet, I'll have to look into that for the next one. Thanks for the heads up! Out of curiosity, what do people think of 4Shared? Any problems downloading (other than that there's a little wait)?

Am a new member to this site I just want to say how blown away I am at the kits that everyone offered! wow, wow, wow! You are ALL so very talented. I tried to leave comments on everyone's blogs but think I may have missed a few at the beginning. I apologize but do want you to know how much they are appreciated! The colours, patterns and individual interpretations of the theme are amazing! Thank you ALL so much!!!! smiley smiley

@Charlene - Welcome! So nice to hear your feedback as a new member. Glad you're enjoying the fun!

A couple of comments for people who didn't use blogs (I know I haven't gotten to everyone yet, still sorting and organizing...):

@Nadia - I love the all the vintage touches and the two different bird papers. I'm a sucker for a good swallow silhouette so the orange paper is particularly appealing, but the blue bird patterns is adorable as well! The egg pattern was such a creative idea, too. Thank you!

@Janet S - WOW! What an epic contribution! I'm just floored. I have lots of comments for you because you made so many different pieces. Everything looks beautiful and very high quality. We must have found the same "birds in trees corner" brushes on DeviantArt - they're so beautiful and since i only used one I'm excited to have more ways to use them. The way you added colors to them looks great. So many of the pieces you made will go with this art journal kick I'm on right now. I'm so happy about your paint splats - I had wanted to add more abstract paint elements to mine because I think that's a key part of an art journal kit, but then I ran out of time, but that's the awesome thing about blog trains, because all our pieces coordinate perfectly. The borders are incredibly creative and interesting, they'll be so fun to play with. Your glitters are great, too. They are much nicer than my glitters, I'd love to know what method you used, if there's a tutorial you can point me towards (or write!), etc. Thanks for all the great pieces.

@Heather: Yup, my son gave me that link. smiley Tyvm for thinking of me though. smiley

@ the designers that posted their d/l files on (I think Melouise & Tina A.?): I can't download your files.
Every time I have attempted to d/l your files I'm given the impression that they've fully downloaded, but in reality they haven't (only partial download). *sigh* Any chance of hosting your files elsewhere?

Updated 4/7: I tried again today & it took a while ( is SLOW) but this time they downloaded fully - yay!

@Molly: Any chance of hosting your part of the train elsewhere? Tumbler seems to require creating an account & I really don't want to sign up with them.

Updated 4/8: Liz gave us your website address & this time your page loaded and I was able to download your lovely papers - yay!

@Janet, the wait is what I do not like about 4shared. I have to say though that after the wait it is a direct download but I did find that when the screen comes up if you cancel it then you can right click on "here" and save it as to download to a particular file. I personally like direct downloads.