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Blog Train Frequency

Please vote if you have thoughts to participate as a designer.

Would you prefer the Pixel Scrapper blog train to happen every month or every other month?

Every Month.
50% (28 votes)
Every Other Month.
49% (27 votes)
Total votes: 55

Wow...I guess I still have trouble answering this. I'd love to participate again and again. But realistically I'd say I'd have to try to limit participation to every other month, at this point, just because on the one I've gotten under my belt now took a lot of my time. I know it's probably get easier, and hopefully quicker.

Also I guess as a group, you'd have to know how many would be willing to participate. If there are enough of a good base to participate off and on Every Month might be possible.

So along those lines, I've voted Every Other Month ~ personally, and I'm smiley 'ing your post as a vote that I would be a designer willing to participate, so you can get a count of designers.

Edited: just saw what a "cast" vote is supposed to look like with the results. Now I've voted.

I jumped at every month! Just love blog trains! xoxox Beth

I choose for every month, I love blogtrains!!!!

I loved my first participation but it took me quite a while to come up with my designs as I am still experimenting and practicing. I guess for me it would be very hard to jump on a blog train every month. I will try my best though smiley. But still I appreciate the willingness of others to provide their designs every month.

I really don't have an opinion - if I like a palette, I'll participate, no matter when it is. smiley

Tough call. Part of me would love to do one every month, but realistically I know I wouldn't be able to keep up. Things are going to start getting busy with the photography business.

While I had a lot of fun creating the kit for this blog train, I think I'd be taking on too much if I tried to do it every month. For myself, every second month would be more than enough.

I would just be afraid of adding ONE more thing to my plate if it was every month. Given, I just joined and haven't participated yet, so it's hard to say for certain, but those are my thoughts nonetheless!

For those of you that design on a regular basis I'm sure it's not a problem for you to come up with one kit a month, but for someone like me who's just starting to dabble in it it's harder. I can't even begin to tell you how long it took me to put together my kit for the Dec. train, between my learning curve & handling my day-to-day family having an extra month to work on it (or even take a breather, spend more time with family, etc.) would've been nice.

I am just starting digital scrapping, and have not done any design work so really shouldn't have voted on this I guess! Just wanted to say that I give you all a ton of credit for everything you do in the blog trains, and really appreciate all the work you put into what you give!! Thank you all!

I could handle every month. Even if it's just a paper pack, an alpha or a few embellishments...I'm always creating something...the problem is finishing what I start, lol. If it's a blog train with a deadline I can push to make that deadline.

I have excatly the same opinion as you Tina. I need short deadlines to create more. If it´s not turning montly, I´m thinking in Look for another blogtrain to join at the 1sts.

I just didn´t comment on this before because I felt so selfish saying this, like only looking to myself problems. So, if that much people have problems to follow every month, maybe staying as it is is better.

I absolutely can't afford the time to do this every month, but I know I'll try anyways if we do switch to monthly, so I am hoping we don't, so I don't shoot myself in the foot! If it does work best for others to have it be monthly, I will just have to invest in some skills of discipline and hold myself back from half of them. I bet it'll be so hard when a great theme comes along!

One thing to remember, is that your part doesn't have to be big. In fact, sometimes I think it's better if everyone's part is smaller, so that the kit as a whole is more useable, if that makes sense.

I think at this point, it's unlikely we'll have something up and running for another blog train in May, but perhaps after that I might consider doing one every month. Keep leaving your thoughts!

I participate in the SNP BT every month and it is a lot as I am so new to designing. Once I get better I might be able to join in on this BT but I have to love the theme and colors. If I don't have that inspiration it is just too hard for me-I am this way in my cake decorating and ceramics. If I don't love it I cannot get inspiration from it. I also find that my insomnia is much worse when I am doing a BT "kit" (I have trouble doing minis) as I am not very good a shutting my brain down enough to sleep-this is quite frustrating to me!

Just my thoughts (and I agree with Marisa):

I loved the trains I've seen here. I'm super impressed with the amount that has been put together.

Please don't take this the wrong way! As a user I found that all the kits together were a lot. Most of the kits are full kits, not what I'm used to getting from a blog train. This isn't a bad thing, per se. But it is overwhelming. I like being able to pick and choose which designers are closer to my style. I would like to see a train every month, but I don't want the designers to feel they have to provide a big kit. I'm happy with an alpha from one, some papers from another, some elements here, and glitter there.

I hope that makes sense, and please imagine me saying it with the kindest tone possible.

Lol, I am guilty. My part was pretty large. I think because the blog trains were every other month, that gave me too much time play so my parts can be huge. If I had less time, they wouldn't be as big. I had way too much time to play with the colors. I actually eliminated a lot of what I had because it was enormous. I'll try to do better smiley Since I don't have a store at the moment, splitting mine up to have a full kit for my store was not an option so I just tossed it all in one.

I would prefer every month. smiley

It looks like I just tied the poll. Here are my thoughts. When the blog train takes place every other month, it can be difficult to cover holidays. (Yes, I live in the USA and think about "my" holidays. I do know that many of the community, and the illustrious founder, live outside the US and will have other holidays to contend with.) As I posted in the thread discussing the June train, it's difficult to suggest a theme with this particular discussion going on. What I'd suggest in an every-other environment would be different than what I'd suggest if the blog trains were going to start being held every month.

I do believe that if the decision is made to move to every month, then the preparation activities would have to overlap. Ideally, a week or two to discuss themes & palettes, a week to vote, and then at least 3 weeks to develop. So that means beginning planning 6 weeks in advance of the blog train.

And, I suppose it would be fine to have designers drop in and out. If anyone had too much on her plate she could skip a month as a contributor. I really like the idea of monthly blog trains. I notice that some of the other blog trains have so many contributors that it can take a *LONG* time to download all the parts that you'd want. Having a monthly train with some designers choosing not to participate every month -- whether it's because you're too busy with other things or because a theme/palette just doesn't appeal to her -- might help keep the number of downloads to a reasonable number.

I love blog trains too but have so many store obligations it is hard to do one every month smiley And: where do I sign up to participate?

No need to sign up. You just do your part when the theme is announced, then when it´s almost the lauching date there is a topic to post your preview and the link to your blog smiley

every month of course!