Extra free kit? and/or Donate ONLY button?

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Extra free kit? and/or Donate ONLY button?

Hi - I've been a member for a few weeks now and the generous daily download credit system has been working fine for me. I went to download the Wadi papers today and it let me download the papers and the elements without taking any credit off me telling me "Download one free kit or bundle of your choice as a thank you for joining Pixel Scrapper!" I still have my 9 credits for the day on top of this. I could not find any info saying that we were all getting an extra free kit so I suspect this might be an error. I originally tried to download it and I got a site maintenance message and was told to try later, which I did. Could that have caused a glitch? Anyway, I think I may have been creditied with a kit I was not entitled to and thought I would ask just in case. [If I'm an idiot and have missed the message that we were getting free kits then I apologise]

I saw the same thing and tried to download some this morning, but a few of the links were incorrect. other parts downloaded ok.

I still have 9 credits showing but now all the kits just say "donate" and there is no option to use any credits. I think the Gremlins have got in today.

Posted by Nancy Vigil originally over here... I'll send her this way Jordan and lock that thread to keep it all in one place for you to update everyone at the same time. Seems like the same glitch causing both things... since all three ladies have experienced similar issues today. smiley

Superlaive Glitters
Hi, I hope it is ok to post here about this.

I was going to download the superlative glitter bundle and it takes 6 points, but it only has the option to donate not the download button as usual.

I was wondering if this is right or should we be able to download it for the 6 points?

Thank you very much!

Dawn, Mendie, & Nancy: I'm sure Jordan will fix this as soon as he sees it. Please update him here in this thread if anything has changed so he can solve any and all issues related to the glitch. Thanks ladies for letting us know and for your patience and understanding. smiley

Please do not think I am complaining or trying to rush anyone - as far as I am concerned, I have no "rights" to free things and I am just grateful when or if they become available. Thought you might want today's situation though - today, I have 10 credits (303 community points) which I think is right but when I try to use them on a mini kit I cannot. I have tried several and it seems that a kit for say 6 credits is "donate only" but if I then look at the individual items of that same kit at 1 credit each, I can download those?! Weird.

I don't think you were complaining or rushing at all. smiley That's why I was saying thanks for understanding and for your kind patience. I know sometimes it seems to take a little bit to fix things, and I don't want you to lose download credits or be sad if you can't download today.

Also, I just don't know the answer for sure so I wanted Jordan to help answer all 3 of you ladies since you all are having similar problems. It may be a change they made in the past week or so and I am just unaware of it yet. I don't want to tell you the wrong thing though. smiley Also, if there is a problem, he can fix it for everyone at the same time. smiley It may be I see something different because I'm a moderator or supporter so I'm not sure exactly what you are seeing. smiley I feel sorry I can't help you just yet. But I will learn the answer with you so I can help the next person. smiley

I think but I am not sure a change may have happened before I became a supporter because I think I could only download single items too before recently. a couple weeks ago but I can't recall right now. Jordan will let us know tonight hopefully. smiley

Thanks for reporting these issues Dawn!

Regarding the free kit download for joining Pixel Scrapper: this is indeed a bug. People who join Pixel Scrapper now receive one free kit or bundle download of their choice for joining, but this is supposed to apply to new accounts, not existing accounts. You are certainly welcome to the free kit, and we won't be taking anyone's free downloads away from them, but we would appreciate knowing if other existing users run into this, or if you run into it again smiley

Regarding kit downloads being limited to people who donate: This is something we announced and implemented a little while back, that has taken a while to "roll out" for all users, which is why you're only seeing the change now. You can read the announcement to understand our motivations, but basically kit downloads are large, and we weren't receiving enough donations to allow us to continue hosting and serving them for free. Once somebody donates (any amount), all kit downloads are unlocked for them, indefinitely.

Please let me know if you think this change is confusing, and if we need to do more to let people know about it. We weren't intending to "sneak it over" on anyone, but I realize that not everyone reads the site announcements smiley.

Thank you Jordan and Shawna. I had read the announcement Jordan but I kind of read it as being the whole kit - the bundles I think. Should have my glasses on !! No other kits have showed up as free yet but I've not browsed much, will certainly let you know if they do. Thanks again.

oh, I thought it meant the entire bundle as well. I thought if it just had points say on the glitter a person would be able to download them for that many points.

Jordan, I am totally confused....I see that you say "Once somebody donates (any amount), all kit downloads are unlocked for them, indefinitely."

I believe that I have downloaded $20 three times and yet when I go back to Merry and Bright I get this message:

"You downloaded this item for personal use on Jan 7 2013. Unfortunately your ability to freely re-download has expired. If you wish to download this item again you will need to pay the regular number of download credits."

I also picked up all of the paper template kits and they have the same type of message. Not complaining, just confused. And it is not that I need to re-download (at first could not find where I had filed Merry and Bright and then searched again and found them) but I just am wondering if it is a glitch?

@Jordan: I too thought that announcement meant "Bundles". So, I think that must be a pretty common misunderstanding for most of us. smiley That's why I didn't pick up on what might be the problem. smiley

Also, as far as what Janet says... I see the same thing she does as a supporter now... Only available for a very limited time. Ie: I downloaded some papers way back in the beginning, maybe November... and they ended up being changed since they were duplicates of others to avoid having a bunch of dead links google couldn't find. When I go back to those downloads they say I have to use "x" amount of DL credits to redownload. So, I'm in the same boat as Janet as far as what I see in the download section as a supporter.

Thanks for clearing up the bundle vs individual kits announcement for me. Now that I know I can help out better next time in the future. smiley

@Janet: I see the confusion. What I meant by "once somebody donates (any amount), all kit downloads are unlocked for them, indefinitely," is that you will have access to download kits and bundles indefinitely, instead of seeing the message that "you need to donate for full kit downloads." The re-downloading time limit is still there, but that is something that I would like to remove... in fact, we're hoping to allow unlimited re-downloading of everything, for everyone, in the near future. Sorry for the lack of clarity, and confusion smiley

Please continue to let us know any time something is confusing, unclear, or broken smiley

On a related note to this thread, please see my response to 'download "costs" rising' here.

Jordan, thanks for the clarification! Makes more sense now. I always back up at least the zip file on a DVD so I usually don't need to re-download.

ditto to what Janet said...

Jordan, thanks for the clarification! Makes more sense now. I always back up at least the zip file on a DVD so I usually don't need to re-download.