April 2017 Commercial Use Blog Train - Final List

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April 2017 Commercial Use Blog Train - Final List

Thread updated: Now this is the final list for the February CU Blog Train!

so make sure to update your links and add your parts to this thread.

Let's get this train moving everyone.

For each train, you will make between 1 to 3 CU element/paper templates (no more) which you will giveaway on your blog or here if you do not have a blog on April 15th. Your freebie needs to be available for minimum 2 weeks.

The Theme is

For this blog train, you can make anything that comes to your mind when thinking pets, it can be elements, extractions, doodles, patterns, word art! These have to be Commercial Use allowed.

You can download the .aco file here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9-P5o79Lu1JS2pVNk1Ma2hmT0U/view?usp=sharing and the image file here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9-P5o79Lu1JSzB0Q3dnVFpkczQ/view?usp=sharing

I can't wait to see what you all are going to make.

If you have any questions let me know, and post your previews along the way so we can all see what you are making smiley

On April 13th, I will make this post into the final list.

You can find the Pixel Scrapper Preview if you need it here: https://www.pixelscrapper.com/marisa-lerin/designs/pixel-scrapper-preview-package-template-paper just download it add your logo and name and you are set.

I'd like to try this,
but I think I don't have time yet this go around!

I love the theme of Pets. I'll try to fit this in.

Me please smiley

I want to join too! I forgot to participate last month :p silly me

Here's my contribution to the challenge. The download link is under the preview.


Hi Ania, I forgot to use the neutral colors. Should I change it all up? It is all layered psd and tiff?
available on my BLOG april 15th

Donna, these re so cute. It is ok. You don't have to change the colors. Your kitties are so adorable. I love it!

I just made this post a final list of the March CU Blog Train. Please add links to your contributions if you didn't so yet.

This blog train goes life on April 15th, if you are still working on your contribution don't forget to add it on time smiley

I totally forgot about it until this afternoon, but I've managed to put together a few dog item templates for you. The image is linked to the post on my blog. smiley

Cute kits Dana and Holly, thank you!

These are great Holly!

Thank you, ladies, for your contributions! They're all really nice!

Cute kits ladys. Thanks

The pet kits are adorable! Thank you!