April Paper a Day Challenge: Week 1

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Marisa this was indeed a fabulous idea. I would not know how to make a paper if my life depended on it but I love seeing what you've all created and to do it like this with just a theme is fascinating. I love seeing how different people interpret the brief ad they are all gorgeous - yes Violet, I too like the heart diagram smiley

I don't make paper, but I am so inspired by everyone's creations. This was a great idea. I just love looking at everyone's creations.

This design probably dates me, very 70s-ish.

This one was very difficult for me, I didn't exactly understood 'Geometric' but I thought this paper I made was coming close to I think you mean, I hope I did it right or if not I can make another paper.

(by the way, I finished my kit with the other papers we had to make, the kit will be a freebie in a couple of days)

Marisa, this was a FABULOUS idea for a challenge. I am having the best time making papers and seeing all the wonderfully creative papers others are putting together. I do hope we do this again real soon!

Here is my color palette. I just love bright colors, so I decided to further challenge myself to use the most understated set of colors I could find. (Yup, I have a masochistic streak about a mile wide--LOL!) This set of colors is by Just Jaimee.

Day 1_Polka Dots

Day 2_Stripes

Day 3_Hearts

Day 4_Flowers

Day 5_Leaves

Day 6_Geometric

I think you interpreted "geometric" just right, Jessica. A square is a geometric shape and I think that is all that was required. Love your colors and that is such a fun topsy-turvy design.

My geometric. I do love red and yellow.

Thank you for your answer Holly, I'm glad I did it right

Here is my geometric paper for today:


Loving your papers Holly! Wonderful color palette.

@Marisa - yes, you had a stroke of genius, this is a fabulous challenge! I am having so much fun.

I want to say a special thank you to everyone in this thread who isn't making papers themselves but is here anyway to cheer us along. Your support and comments - whether they're directed at me or at anyone else - are so bolstering! So thank you to Lawren, Dawn, Stash, Judith, Kaleen, Cynthia, & Héliton! Apologies if I missed anyone or mistakenly put a papermaker on the Awesome Supporters & Commenters list.

For some reason (maybe the original piece of art my palette is based on) I keep bring drawn to a doodle-y, whimsical kind of style for these papers. Here are my geometrics (couldn't decide on which color, so I decided why not do both):

Gorgeous! All of them! My favorites are the leaves papers. So beautiful and so creative. I would have commented before but the forum was acting strange. I logged in at the start page and all was fine but when I wanted to comment on the papers it asked me to logging again and than I got that nasty error Ajax msg window. But now all is fine. ;=) One of those tech mysteries. smiley

Truly enjoying all your work and wish I could join in. Unfortunately I'm more chained to my bed than usual, pain 24/7 is wearing me out and sitting up and working on something is just too much. So I'm cheering on from the side lines. Go team! smiley All the beautiful images fill my spirit and soul with happiness.

Holly: a big "wow" for your papers and your palette. I chose brilliant dark colors that I really enjoy because working with the pastels on Birds and Bees and the BT Ill be in on the 15th just made me tired of designing pastels, so I am taking a break from them for a little while smiley

More gorgeous papers!! Every time I log in I'm so impressed by the variety of the designs. Off I go to figure out my geometric pattern. I think I know what I want to do...just need to execute the idea.

@Lorien, so glad to hear that you like the papers. I know there are several people out there who shy away from vivid colors.

@Violet...holy, you created that from scratch?!? I'm amazed. I so wish I could come up with something like that!

@ Christine, I hope you feel better asap...so rough to be stuck in bed (was on bed rest for the majority of my last pregnancy due to profuse bleeding and my water breaking early). It was only a short time in the long run, but most people don't understand how frustrating it is to be stuck somewhere when you want to be doing other things.

Geometric Pattern...

Looking good everyone! This is so much fun!

@Janet - oh good heavens, no, not from scratch. My drawing skills on the computer are zero. I used a "doodle brush" from Heather Green, one of her freebies, and then colored it in rather laboriously and made a pattern from it. All her doodles are exactly in the style I keep picturing for this set of papers - strong dark lines, everything a little bit skewed. Her stuff isn't CU, though, unless you buy a license, so I'll have to see what I can and can't give away once this challenge is over. For now I'm just focusing on having fun making the papers that excite me. smiley

@Christine - so glad you're with us, cheering us on! I'm really sorry to hear you're having such a hard time, healthwise. I totally owe you an email, too - I think I have so much to say I keep getting tired thinking about it and then putting it off (I'm sure you know how that goes... smiley ). But I'm happy you've joined us in this thread and that the designs are bringing you some pleasure.

@Lorien - intriguing, what you say about using the pen tool. Can you give me a hint about what sort of tutorials to google for, so that perhaps I can find the English equivalents of the ones that you learned from in Portuguese?

@Violet, ahhh I see. Is this the Heather Green that you're talking about? If so, I've been following her work for a while and have contemplated purchasing a CU license. From what I remember, it's a very low price if you get one that covers her entire store vs. individual packs of items. I really do love her designs, but am not sure I'd be able to use the designs for things like this blog train CU4CU.

Anywhoo...here is my geometric paper. I recently created a quilt type layout that had just a portion of the cathedral window design. I knew I wanted to make a whole paper but didn't get to it until now. I'll be filling in the black portions with the different papers that I create throughout the month. Right now, I just don't have enough of them and don't want to go through the process of dealing with the layer masks more than once.

In the meantime, here's my regular geometric pattern paper.

Looking good everyone! I just posted today's theme: Stars!

I'll lock this thread at some point tomorrow, but feel free to post older papers in the new thread. I just don't want things to get too overwhelming.

Here are my stars:

Now I have two accumulated papers I haven´t done: Leaves and geometrical. I´ll catch up sometime.

@Violet: The problem with the pen tool thing is that I haven´t googled in Portuguese to receive results in Portuguese. I just typed "Photoshop using the pen tool" at Google, and the best resources I´ve found were two YouTube videos made by Brazilian teenagers o.O. You can maybe try drawing in photoshop, vectorizing in photoshop, using the pen tool to draw, or something like it.

here's my paper for today:

Thanks so much, Chickie . . . your kind words are much appreciated.

Thank you, Lorien. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment on my efforts. As a fan of the bright stuff, I am enjoying your papers very much.

If we do this again, I will have to go bold. Being subtle and subdued is too hard for me--LOL!

@Janet S Love your paper template....will you be sharing? As for Heather Green's Commercial Use I bought it. I think it was $15-20. Over time I believe that it will be well worth it, plus I don't have to remember which needs a license and which doesn't. It is lifetime too so to me a win-win.

Day 7_Stars

I know. I know. Not traditional stars, but while looking for regular 5-pointed star custom shapes, I noticed this funkier shaped star in one of the sets and it grabbed my attention. If it helps, the glitter bombs are done with a more traditional star shape. (Whee--I'm caught up! )

They look awesome Holly!

Here is my paper for today:

@ Saskia i love your entire set!! and @ Holly your creativity is really cool! @Marisa your colletion is beautiful and am excited to be able to use it (hopefully smiley )!! it's really encouraging to see everyone's creations and draw ideas and inspiration from them! keep up the great work ladies and thanks for sharing smiley

Day 6

Thank you Elizabeth
I will start every week with a new color palette
So in a few days, I will put the freebie with this papers on my blog for you to download

My last two since I'll be away from my computer till the end of the month. Ipad just doesn't work as a design tool.
This version has some of Marisa's glitter applied.

I'm sad not to be able to continue with this challenge. It's been so much fun and I've learned so much, often just what not to do. All of the papers have been a real inspiration, all lovely, all very distinct. I would love to use them all and can't wait to see what the rest of the month brings. Thank you all and especially Marisa and Jordan for conceiving and hosting such a fun event. I hope you are planning many more.

@Janet H., I've thought more than once about purchasing it. It really is a good deal. By chance do you know whether her stuff can be used CU4CU?

Oh, and yes I'll be having a big paper pack at the end. I'm debating whether I'll be doing a different geometric pattern though. I'd like to get the full amount of papers so that I can fill in several papers like the cathedral window paper above (have a few more quilt type patterns in mind for papers). I think I stumbled upon my theme. smiley I started out with a completely different idea...but with all of these shapes/patterns that idea is pretty much out the window.


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