New help page. Please leave feedback!

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New help page. Please leave feedback!

Hi everyone. Marisa and I have been working for a while to try and come up with a better site help page. You can see what we've come up with here:

I haven't changed the navigation bar link yet, because we're still tweaking the new page, and I'd love to get some feedback on it. Please let me know if you think this is an improvement over our current help page, and what you think could be improved further... especially if we should add anything (or remove anything) from the "tour": we want to touch on the most important aspects of the site, but without making the tour too long and overwhelming...

Thanks for your feedback!

WOW - I love it, especially the "tour"!! One of the things I really love about this site is everything is so "neat & clean" looking and not cluttered. I think everything about the new help section is great and it explains your site perfectly!

Quick note: Tour looks great. However, there were several that were doubled back-to-back. I'd write more but I'm currently on my phone smiley

UPDATE: I didn't have the same issue direct from my computer.

I love it - just the right length, clear and easy to understand verbage, clean design and layout, easy on the eyes. All good!

Me, being me, I would add under the licensing something like, click here to read all the details or add something like free to use as long as you don't sell or host blah blah. And then then under the gallery layout, same thing, something that says family-friendly LOs only please, which I think you probably have covered somewhere? I haven't read it because I wouldn't ever upload anything not family-friendly. smiley

It seems very well organized. I like the drop downs also because you don't have to scroll and scroll for information.

Great job - love the tour (great photo Marisa) and the catagories are clear and simple to use and understand.

What a great idea to include a "tour" in the help page. Haven't seen anything like it until now. And it's so nice to get a personal welcome from Marisa! What a smile, makes me feel "at home" right away! smiley The organization is "KISS" as I once learned in a communication class: "Keep it short and simple". Looks perfect to me! smiley

OMG this is wonderful. Hopefully newbies will find it really useful!

I like simple so I think you nailed it! I'm a newbie and I have already found the site super easy to navigate and figure out! Kudos for all you do!

I love the tour and your navigation page is great. Yesterday I tried to use another group's site and could not find anything about how to upload layouts onto their gallery. So frustrating. Your site is very clear and easy to use. That is why I have been coming back so frequently to visit and gotten more interested in digi scrapping lately.

I can't think of anything you could add. It is wonderful, everything is so plain and easy to use. Love the tour too.

It's easy to see that you put a lot of thought into the new help page. The tour is perfect...simple, straight forward, and succinct. A good clean layout with short, clear, adequate without overwhelming explanations in plain language. Anyone new to the site will find it immensely helpful. Well done.

I'm a newbie & I love the drop down menus -- makes things so much easier to find that having to navigate from page to page!!!

Very nice and easy to find everything

Thanks for the feedback, everyone!

@Brooke: can you let me know what the issue was exactly on your phone, when you said "Tour looks great. However, there were several that were doubled back-to-back"?

Love the new look and functionality! Great job!

It really looks great, and so professional. I don't have anything that I missed smiley

Love it. The tour is so simple and yet a genius addition to the site!

Very cool! I love it! I especially love Marisa's smiling face! smiley

scha'weeeet!!! I love it... it's absolutely going to be so very easy to use & helpful to our newbies. smiley

Thanks for all the feedback! Great to hear that it looks good. I'll be testing this out with some new users to see if it makes any difference with them coming back to the site, etc... after that testing's finished, I'll change the top navigation help link...