I thought I should make my own palettes....

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I thought I should make my own palettes....

I am super excited about the paper a day challenge but here is it the 6th and I haven't even started. Why? I thought to myself - "this will be easier for me if I have a palette. I have lots of pictures I will make my own palette!" Yeah... I got a little carried away and finally was able to stop myself I guess now I should make some papers for the challenge. WHAT ONE DO I USE!? guh created more of a problem for myself haha. I put them on my blog - maybe they will be of some help to someone else too and maybe not.

I put them on pinterest too.

Great photos and I love all the palettes. BTW the flower at the Portland temple is a cala lily, a red one.

I love your color palettes, you have some precious ones there. If I were you, I´d probably start by the blanket one. My faves are the sunflower in a basket and the peaches.

So, realize that I am just OVER orange....it seems that once we got past Christmas everyone is going with orange type palettes so I am pretty much tired of all the oranges.

I liked a LOT of all those palettes but I think the one that caught me was the corsage at your best friends wedding. The only thing that you might want to consider is a deep purple vice the black. I am in a design class right now and black is a little hard to get texture to show up on...but then you are probably more advanced than I. Good luck choosing!

@Janet: Yeah, I need an orange vacation. In fact, three of the blog trains I worked with (Morning Fresh, Birds and Bees and the next SNP one called Early spring) has almost the same color palette. That´s why I am all in reds, blues and grays this month smiley

Beautiful! My favorite is the old truck palette. I hope you don't mind that I pinned it to pintrest to remember for another time. Really, these are all wonderful!

Thanks for all your kind words. I hope you use them if you want to.

I picked black because if I were to use it it would be for making my best friend a book and her wedding colors were grannie apple green and black.

I get what you mean with the orange though - seems to be the in color this spring smiley

Wow Kaleena, that looks like really hard work! I agree with Harriett, all the palettes are nice. My favourites: frozen tulips and inuit nativity. smiley

@Kaleena I think that would be lovely and what a great inspiration!!!! It is always easier if you have a great inspiration!

Love them all.

Very nice! I prefer earthtones, and the one from Box Elder county really appealed to me.

Great palettes, I am following your board smiley

you did such an amazing job creating this palettes, love them all ♥

Realy nice!!!! So nice photos - I can imagine that you got carried away!!!
I lik the tiled bench in the biological park best

Awesome idea to just make them up ahead of time and use photos to develop them. smiley In what program did you create them? That opens a whole new thing to collect and make.
Thank you

I just used photo shop and a template that I found here.

Ooooh Kaleena, thanx! I've been looking for a template but hadn't found one I really liked.
This one is perfect!

Those are awesome! Thanks for sharing! smiley