June 2017 Commercial Use Blog Train - "Fasteners" - Final List

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Thank you all so much. These are wonderful!

Thank you for all the cute fasteners. And thank you for taking the time to participate.

Links are up on my blog, and in this post. I apologize for the inconvenience. I'm rather scattered this week - husband injured, so it's been a busy week because of it.


Большое спасибо Всем за прекрасные наборы элементов !!! Желаю Всем творческих успехов!

Thank you everyone, for these! Great job, Holly! smiley smiley smiley

Thank you so much for these great gifts! smiley

thanks so much for all your contributions, ladies!

Sunny, I hope your husband gets well soon

Вы очень кстати, Гала. smiley

smiley thanks a lot! smiley

Thank you so much!

I'll be back with a preview shortly, but HERE is my download link.

Edited to add preview!

Nicely done! tyvm, all!

Thanks all

Thankyou Trine

Thankyou Laurel, these are great.

These are great Dana, thanks for sharing.

Kiana, Holly & Sunny - love your designs.

thanks guys for all the cuties

Thank you to all of these...I need some cool fasteners for a couple of projects! smiley

Thank you everyone for all your contributions!

I am in awe of the creativity, and grateful. Thank you all!!

Thank you to all contributors. Nicely done!

You are welcome. Glad everyone likes them

Thanks for sharing ladies smiley

Thank you all for the great fasteners !!!

Thank you for all these wonderful fasteners .. they are always a handy addition smiley

Thank you everyone for all your great contributions. Each kit is really special. Who knew there were so many fasteners?

@Marie: There are LOTS of options for fasteners, and that's why I chose fasteners for this month's topic! It's little things like this that add the ability to make pages look realistic.

Great work, ladies! Many thanks to everyone!