How do you scrap wedding albums ?

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How do you scrap wedding albums ?

Hello everyone,

I'm quite new to digiscrap. I recently made my own wedding album and use some digiscrap stuff. My parents then asked me to make my brother' wedding album for them (about 30 * 30 cm / 12 * 12 inches).

I then would like to know how you do scrap wedding albums, what kind of template you use, etc .... for inspiration.
I should say I rather prefer the clean and simple style but I would love to see how you realize wedding albums.

Here some examples of my own wedding album (very very simple but I just begin in digiscrap ;-P

Paper brooke gazarek (brooke-gazarek_7526_snow-day-teal-dots-red-paper_pu)

I can't give any real advice since I haven't finished my wedding album and I got married 9 years ago. I started mine with paper scrapbooking, so that's probably why I never finished it, but I did use only one kit that I specifically designed for my wedding album and printed the papers. Then I picked out 5 layouts that I liked and used only those layouts so that the book would be uniform. I have about another 5 or 6 pages to do to finish the album, but who knows when I'll get to it. Maybe as 10 yr anniversary gift to myself I'll finish it. smiley

What about some text, tell something about story. Keep it simple, but some rings together, a couple of glasses. to accent the pictures. You do not have to fill the entire page, just enhance what you are doing. You can also mat the pictures, frame them, or add some styles with Photoshop or another photo editor.

Someone made me a quilted binder to put my wedding photos in, but over the years it's fallen apart & is not repairable... So I was thinking I need to redo mine, and separate out the honeymoon photos. As I started brainstorming, the first thing that came to mind was to use the colors from my wedding (clothes, flowers, reception)... Maybe that's something you could do for your brother as well, Vanessa?

In our wedding the tuxes were a dove grey, and the girls wore beautiful tea-length dresses covered in a lilac print (I didn't want something overly formal, and the nice thing about their dresses is they didn't cost a ton, and they were something the girls could wear again rather than collect dust at the back of their closet). The lilacs were also in bloom at the time we got married, so there were lilacs in our outside wedding photos; and the bridesmaids (coincidentally) were also carrying lilacs. So I should probably try to incorporate lilacs into my album, eh? smiley Other than that, I had tiny pearls sewn onto my dress & wore a strand of pearls that maybe I should incorporate pearls somehow, too?

Hi Girls,

thanks for your reply and your help. I've beginning my brother's wedding album for my parents since then (sorry for not having given some news, but the last weeks were very harrassing) and I must say I'm feeling ... how to say ... more confident in using papers and various elements. (my wedding was my first realization). It cames with practice ! Lizanne, I agree with your brainstorming. Depending on the dominant color on the page, I use papers and elements in the same tone (sometimes it may be shoes color, a friend's jacket color, flowers color, a door color as in my example above ...). Thanks Marisa for your friends' album, it gave me a lot of idea !

When I made my wedding book I had a hard time finding things that were the right colors. I ended up using a few elements from several kits. I really like how it turned out though. You can view it here. It might help you get more ideas and it might not smiley

I'm a beginner as well - and am working on my album (among other things). I'll be doing some digi and some traditional...
Do you all have any opinions/suggestions on pulling albums together? I feel like I could have a different look/design on each page set as long as the colors all belong to a basic coordinating set.

@Marisa: Thanks for sharing that album - it helps looking through something already finished! I really like the incorporation of some text in parts.

@Kristin: This may not be exactly what you were talking about. But when I made my Europe book, I used a different kit for each city and then tied them all together with this map page:

What a great idea (and execution) Marisa!

I think, more than any other albums, wedding albums can be more simple, as far as the design goes, because HOPEFULLy the photos are really good! Most times by a professional or if you know family and friends that you can get to offer some of the photos they've taken as well. You'll have more to choose the best ones from. and so the photos and bride can take center focus. As a minsters wife I've taken photos at many weddings, including a few that was "stand up" weddings.. Parents of the couple and our family...typically when a couple needed to move a wedding earlier because he was shipping out for military duty. I did shoot so sofa cousins wedding that was outdoors in the OZARKS, very beautiful but I found out later that the professional they used didn't know ANYTHING and had only horrible photos. So I passed mine to her parents. So I'd ask those that you know had cameras there if they have negatives to share or if they'd share their digitalis with you as you do the album. Sometimes it's the candid photos of friends and family shooting photos of special relatives in the receiving line and reception that make the best shots.
Photos of the couple dancing Erk me the most...because its rare in the low light to get much more than some good silhouettes...sometimes you need to turn the lights on again or stage some of these shots.

Also if you can put in some photos of them as kids, just a few...and then a simple family tree, and if you can get parents to sign it as well...that could be extra special!

I am working on my wedding album (I remarried a little over a year ago), and I have 6 or 8 kits which all involve the same colors. I pull from each...some are more involved layouts, some are simpler. But the focus has remained the memories of the day, so I think it's whatever style appeals to you, and what you are comfortable with. It's the preservation of the memories that matters, so there is NO wrong!

That was an awesome album. I really love the colors you used. I also like the last page.

My wedding album was the first album I made that was intended to be printed. I looked at LOTS of gallery photos on the theme for inspiration and I ddi use elements and papers for a huge number of kits. I think it turned out all right, but I would have made it different nowadays... I suppose we are constantly improving right?

@Marisa ... do you have this background map paper somewhere to download on your website? I have been looking for it but can't find it.

The map paper isn't on the site, but you can find the map here: