Now you can page through "what's new"

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Now you can page through "what's new"

Tired of only being able to see the last five "what's new" posts on the front page? Now you can scroll through everything you've missed:

I've also expanded the front page activity stream pager, so you can see more than three pages of the latest content:

Thank you! Thank you!! smiley

Except the little scroll buttons are not under the "What's New" category on my screen yet. But I'm still so excited for this change. Thank you!!!!

Ooh, that's going to be a great feature! Just the other day I was searching for the blog post on storage options. It took a bit of digging, but I did find it in the end. This new feature will help greatly in searching for things like that. smiley

As Meridy said, the scroll button isn't under the "What's New" category for me either.

that's great- makes life easier smiley

There was a little glitch... should be showing up for everyone now.

It works now! Thanks so much for adding that feature. smiley

Cool! Even though I have to say I spend so much time here that I actually never saw more than five new blogposts on the frontpage.... Hmmmmm, maybe I need to get a life... smiley

what Melouise said....

Great for those not able to look everyday or on vacation.. Thank you, this will be very helpful.

Thanks for all the improvements you keep making. The site keeps getting better and better.

That's a very nice feature, thank you!

Thank yoU!

Jordan, Please know that I think you do a great job in updating this site, but would you consider adding a few more page numbers to the bottom of the page selection choice. This is just a thought Thank you.

@Cynthia: if I understand you correctly, you'd like to be able to jump immediately to page 4, or 5? I tried adding in more page numbers, but unfortunately there isn't room for them when the pager is fully expanded...

Thank you so much for another great feature! It just keeps getting better & better! smiley