How to do a 100% zoom preview

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How to do a 100% zoom preview

I have seem on the web that, when a designer want to show tiny details, they do a "real pixels" preview. How to do it?

I have Photoshop CS4.

I haven't actually done it, but if I did I would zoom in to the object, take a screenshot and go from there.

I am not sure what you really want.

But to zoom you use the Zoom tool to view objects up close. The problem is that when you zoom the image does become a bit blurred if you go too far.

An alternative is to enlarge the image and possibly the resolution depending upon what the image is already. When doing this one would make sure that all the boxes are checked off at the bottom of the image resize box. What this will do, will enlarge the image or make it larger to see the details better. To be able to crop an area of an image to get a better or closeup of an image area, while having a higher resolution image.

This is an alternative to when you do not have an original or you were not able to take a high resolution image. It is for this reason I always scan at high resolution or always take pictures at high resolution.

Maybe zoom in to 100% then use a "Cookie Cutter Shape" on the area you want to preview. Save this.
Then open the preview page you wish to use it on and add it as layer.
Do you understand what I'm trying to say? I'm only a learner with PSE. smiley

Jenn from Sugarbutt had a magnifying glass template freebie quite some time ago

@Lorien I believe that when they say 100% they are meaning that it is showing it at "actual pixel" size. In CS, if you go to View-Actual Pixels it will show you 100%. Then you can move your screen around to get it to what area you want to show and use crop or shape tools that you want for your end result and finally you can save as a png or jpg.

When I do previews at 72 dpi, I scale everything down to show on it. If I wanted to show something at 100% I am guessing I would just show part of that image and not scale it down.