Scrapbooking High Resolution Layouts On a Tablet

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Scrapbooking High Resolution Layouts On a Tablet

So, I was reading an article today over at The Daily Digi about scrapping on your tablet. To clarify, because I know we've talked some about what some refer to as tablets recently in regards to Wacom type drawing pads. I'm actually referring to a tablet like an iPad or android Asus or the like. smiley I thought I'd share the link and see what you ladies thought about the idea of scrapping on the go.

"Scrapbooking High Resolution Layouts On a Tablet article"

I don't know that I'd enjoy it much for a couple reasons. I know you have to have internet connection to do this, because how else would you access your elements as Steph refers to without it? So, I'd see this as another expense because other than a book store or a coffee house, which are limited internet wi-fi it seems you'd need a wi-fi card of your own to do this, especially like in the car on a road trip or waiting at your kids school in the pick-up line, etc.

I have an older Asus tablet from a couple Christmas's ago, which I love for reading my magazine subs or books or checking email quickly while out & about and I just can connect to hubby's Verizon work card for 5 minutes in the car on vacas. But my books and mags are all pre-downloaded at the house while I'm on my own high-speed wi-fi internet connection at home. Plus I leave the house to go read to not be distracted by scrapping stuff, housework, errands, or phone calls (and yes I have a cell phone) but everyone knows my cell phone is for my convenience, not theirs. They can leave a message or text if important and I don't answer. I can always call them back if it's truly an emergency. So, I kind of consider my tablet Fun Time. Not that scrapping isn't fun, bit it's sort of work for me to do a layout in my opinion, not just brainless reading... if that makes sense? smiley

So, what are your thoughts on this tutorial on the new way of scrapping???

Interesting....if I had a tablet I might give it a try. Although I might hate it since I spend most of my time wishing I had 3 monitors (as opposed to the 2 I have)...

I have to agree with Marissa on this one - I would try it but I probably wouldn't like it. I love my 2 monitors but sometimes I wish I had 3 or 4. HAHA I makes things a billion times easier and less frustrating for me.

You girls have TWO monitors?! Wow.... envious.

I have two widescreeen monitors, also... I didn't even think about the aspect of how small it would be. I mean my ASUS is a 10.1 but that's almost 1/3 the size of one of my monitors. smiley and as old as my eyes seem to get more lately, that just wouldn't do. I read on it with a pretty large print. LoL

Thanks for the backup ladies. I have now informed Jordan that my desire for 3 monitors isn't unreasonable as I've been backed up here.

hahaha Marisa - glad we could help.

My Asus has a 17" screen and although pretty big I do have a 23" widescreen that I really should hook up for my old eyes but I use a rolling cart that rolls partially under my chair and afraid it might not be save for the big screen. Will probably wait til my sight gets really bad. I cannot imaging having a laptop screen smaller than I have now. That is one of the reasons I got the Asus - it had the largest screen I could find at the time, though it did come with a price but well worth it!

hubby would just die if I asked for a third one! he already makes fun of me to everyone we know that I have two!!!... LoL

Have y'all seen this??? Hubby sent it to me and said they invented it especially for people like me that have two monitors...
Google Chrome Video

It is funny - my husband wants this for himself of course he would need 2 more monitors! HAHA Someday I might let him - he does work from home and it would make things much easy but maybe only if I get one too HAHA

DUDE!!! that would take up 1/2 my scrap room space... LoL but oh so verrrrry kewl! will have to show the hubby! smiley

Haha Shawna, I think that was the April Fool's video from last year....

Yep it is. It's a surprise for the other ladies... if they hadn't seen it. hee hee smiley

I know I would hate scrapping on a tablet! I have an iPad, and it's nice as a portable calendar, eReader, portable games console for the kids, email manager, shopping list, etc., but that's it. I can't give my computer up -- screen size, capabilities of full programs, ability to connect tools like a Wacom tablet, etc. I don't even like using a word processor on my iPad!

For putting together layouts, it seems like it wouldn't be much fun, but creating elements seems more do-able.

Also, I have only one monitor! Two would confuse me!

My concern about scrapping on a mobile device would be that the screens/pens are rather limited on pressure sensitivity and I am used to using my Wacom Intuos. Currently, I am quite fond of the Galaxy Note series of products - my husband has the Note 2 phone, and the tablet looks awesome, though it's just an item on a wish list for me now. One of the things I like is that I know that Wacom and Samsung worked together on the screen - but it's still not up to the standards of my Intuos. Wacom announced about a month ago on their Facebook page that they are developing a Wacom mobile tablet - something that would have more pressure sensitivity and be a mobile device geared more towards artists. That is something that I think I would jump on - then I could sketch EVERYWHERE (muahahahahahaha!).

My husband has been drooling over multiple monitors for a while now. lol. I think it would be nice, too, but unfortunately it gets expensive.... especially when you're like me (or my hubby) and you'd really like to have SIX! lol. Right now, I settle for the 17" on my laptop. I'd LOVE to see if the projector that we use for our television could be used as a second "monitor" but I really haven't felt that adventurous lately. I am happy with the way my laptop is right now and I don't feel like mucking with resolutions, etc. lol. (lazy) smiley

My husband would just die if I asked him to do this. LoL

I'd LOVE to see if the projector that we use for our television could be used as a second "monitor"